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A “Tales of Transformation” Story

Holiday Treats Series

You’ve seen this Christmas movie before: An advertising executive from the big city finds someone to pretend to be their romantic partner when they travel back home for the holidays. But when they are reminded of the things that really matter in life, that fake romance might be so fake after all….

Damon Spencer runs the fastest-growing ad agency in in the country, making millions of dollars being a hard-nosed, all-in businessman. Problem is, everyone is being driven crazy working for him, and it’s resulted in lawsuits, people quitting and constant crises. One day, he’s asked to take some time off, and when he refuses, he’s forced to do it.

Since he’s been putting off seeing his family for years, he decides he’ll finally take care of the problem by heading to the charming Christmas town of Chestnut Cove, his hometown in Vermont. The thing is he’s been claiming for years that he’s got a girlfriend, even sending pictures and telling them about her.

Well, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. That’s because he’s got a problem with women. He hates them — amongst other issues.

So if he’s going home, he needs a girl to show off to his family. He recruits a young intern at his company to fill the role. A male intern. After all, he can’t deal with women, and an intern is easy to boss around. Promising the intern a million dollars for a month of pretending to be a girl, he has him adopt the guise of “Holly Garland,” the girl he’s made up for the sake of his family.

What happens next is going to change both their lives forever — and it certainly ain’t gonna be like any Hallmark Holiday Movie you’ve seen before.

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Her for the Holidays


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Rated “R” for sexual depictions


• Slow Change

• Mind Control

• Feminization

• Surgery

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