It started with a little story called "The Confidant" and went from there. Some of these have pictures, others don't. Some have happy endings, some don't. But most are nice and long. See what you like.

The Internship


A quick story to string together some AI images I came up with. Nothing too deep, but hopefully fun.

The Golden Palace


An aging movie palace sees it's days coming to an end. But one last miracle of the silver screen has yet to be seen.

Paint Work


An eager young salesman looks to a fraternal organization to help him make the connections he needs to get ahead. Originally a contest entry, the object of the contest was to use the line "We are very disappointed in your progress" at least once in a small 30K story.



Over in Japan as an exchange student, a kid ticks off his host family to the point where they decide to make him feel more at home. With illustrations.

Two Forms of ID


When a guy tries to help out his frazzled sister, he’s put in a very awkward position. Then it gets complicated. Then the complications have complications. This is the original version before it was re-written as a Novel.

Testing a Theory


An ousted department of education official takes the reigns of a huge multinational corporation to try and turn it around. But in fact, he hasn't given up the theories he never got a chance to prove.

Circumstance by Design


Madly in love with his new girlfriend, a college student is unaware of how much effort is going into making the strange things in his life look like chance.

Cheap Rent


A young tough, taking a free ride to go to college, finds a cheap place to live. But there's much more to the rent than just money.

News on the Nines


Serial, updated sporadically. Lucas is in on the story of his young life. The cheerleaders at his high school are clearly practicing witchcraft. Or possibly vampires. Maybe werewolves? Well, whatever it takes, he'll get to the bottom of the story. Warning! It’s unfinished.

The Confidant


My first, and maybe most popular story. A high school jock confides in his friend about the strange things that seem to be happening to his body and his life. Told in the first-person. Lots of (lo-rez) images.

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