Can’t get enough comics, can you? Despite telling people they’re for kids, us adults still flock to comics whenever they’re around, don’t we? Liking comics is almost as secret a vice as, well... 

Mysterious Holiday


From Japan via Twitter comes “Mysterious Holiday.” A young man finds his drawers stuffed with bras and panties — and a mysterious mirror his sister makes him use.

Archie's Weirdest Mystery


Six Pack Site Original: In this comic book, Archie and the gang fall victim to a surly genie. 82 pages of real Archie-style comics.

Aggie Mack


This comic from 1962 is yet another accidental crossdressing comic featuring teens. America was building a clear lead over the Russians in the crossdressing teen comics race. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Sky Blaster, Boy Pilot


Six Pack Site Original: From the early 1940’s comes this untold tale of Nazi deception. When Sky Blaster, Boy Pilot tests his newest secret invention, the Nazis send in their most devious and cunning spy yet!

A Tease No More!


Six Pack Site Original: From the lurid world of Mexican pulp comics comes this 27-page book. Thrill to the crude black and white drawings and poor print quality!



Another comic from 1947 –a good year for cross-dressing, apparently. Cookie is a small guy who gets talked into a babysitting job. Babysitting is for girls, naturally, and once in a skirt, things get even more out of hand.

Une Femme dans la Peau


The classic French body-swapping TG comic, in clear high-resolution and a new translation.

Henry Aldrich


From 1953 - Henry’s worried he might lose his girlfriend when she acts in the school’s play. So he needs to sign up for the play to keep an eye on her. Problem? Only girls’ parts are left.



From 1947 - when boys stuck together and helped out their friends, like real pals. Even if that means putting on a dress and dancing with them.

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