Une Femme dans la Peau


The classic French body-swapping TG comic, in clear high-resolution and a new translation.

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One of the classics of TG comics is the “Johanna” series, otherwise known as “Une Femme dans la Peau.” It’s a long, well-written and very well drawn comic about a man who’s brain winds up in the body of a spectacularly sexy young girl.

It suffers from one main obstacle to enjoying it: it is written entirely in French. For those of us whose language education ends at ordering at Taco Bell, that makes reading it a challenge.

Fortunately, the comic has been translated and re-lettered for English-reading audiences by fans. I’ve decided to give it a go, adding English sound effects, re-translating some of the dialogue, and improving the color and quality of the artwork.

Because this is copyrighted work, I do encourage anyone who enjoys this to purchase the original here.

Also, thanks go to Farhad and his site (new, old) for bringing the first full-length English translation to TG fans.

Book 1: Une Femme dans la Peau

Book 2: Dans la Peau d’une Femme