A Tease No More!


Six Pack Site Original: From the lurid world of Mexican pulp comics comes this 27-page book. Thrill to the crude black and white drawings and poor print quality!

David was trying hard to provide for his family. Too hard. His need for money and his desire to make a name for himself led him down a strange path. And when he crosses the wrong person, it’s a path that will lead him into oblivion.

Warning! This is not a comedy nor light-hearted. This is a somewhat dark, and very noir comic.

This is a 27-page re-worked comic based on a story from a 1989 publication from Mexico. The art has been edited into comic book format with new art and art from other comics. The story is loosely based on the original, but is not a translation.

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A Tease No More (9.1 MB)

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