by Joe Six-Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Holiday Treats Series

Lucky Fargo Jr. is the manager of the local franchise of the brestaurant "The Boom Boom Club.” As is the case with most people in management, he isn't a very nice guy. 

When one of his employees, who he's dating, decides to go to a Halloween party in a costume as Roger Rabbit, she wants Lucky to come as Jessica Rabbit. It’s not something he wants to do, but the girl he’s dating is outrageously sexy and he’s unable to say no to her.

Once there, he finds himself being accidentally romanced by a man who turns out to be his boss. A man who he dare not cross for fear of losing his job. 

To thank him for a wonderful evening, the boss sends him another costume. A female costume. Now he’s stuck. Either go out with him as a woman, or get fired. Then things get even more complicated.

It isn’t long before a misunderstanding is looking more and more like a life sentence.

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