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by Joe Six-Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A “Stories of the Supernatural” Story

Holiday Treats Series

Malcom Balford was a dude who was doing fine. No problems, no difficulties, no enemies. However, on this particular Thanksgiving he found himself roped into going Black Friday with his hard-to-say-no-to wife, Lizzie.

Not a fan of crass consumerism, materialism or getting up at 5 AM, Malcom is not happy to be at the Sun Creek Mall in the dark. He’s even less amused when his wife suggests they split up to get the biggest sales.

Now he’s got a list to follow and a pesky app that alerts him to the best deals, guiding him through his unwanted consumer adventure, fighting throngs of zombified shoppers. Has he gone to hell? No, he’s at a mall on Black Friday. 

There does seem to be some troubling issues with his weight, however. That Thanksgiving dinner sure had made him put on some flab. But in the chest? And why does he suddenly start feeling like he’s going to go all “Karen” on every sales person he encounters?

Is something happening to him? Well, it sure seems that way. Purchase by purchase, he’s becoming someone else. Poor Malcom is about to find out what happens when you become a part of the very thing you hate.

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Born on Black Friday


Rated “R” for sexual depictions


• Slow Change

• Mind Change

• Feminization

• Supernatural

• Age Regression

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