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by KK

Color Illustrations by Fraylim

A "Crossed Fiction" Story

In book one, Carl Hutchens was going to spend the summer before his eighteenth birthday in sunny Florida with his aunt. However, Carl’s dream vacation became three months of dresses, heels and makeup.

Now, he’s still stuck in disguise as Candi Wethers, vivacious teen sexpot, and now he’s going to high school.

What will the year bring? Boyfriends? Rivals? Cheerleading? Modeling? Well, one thing is for sure, it’ll involve plenty of humiliation as Carl tries desperately to survive so he can cash the gigantic inheritance check he’s due at the end of the school year.

Month by month, Carl suffers through one embarrassing situation after another, ever so slowly falling into the feminine trap his mother and aunt have set for him.

Not a single bit of his masculine pride is safe from his horrible, miserable new life in silky ribbons and skimpy lace.

But now, it’s time to see if Carl will ever find the courage to get out or submit to a feminine fate.

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Blondie's Lost Year


Rated "X" for sexual


• Hormones

• Surgery

• Disguised & In Hiding

• Salons

• Reluctant

• High School

Book. 221 pages.

• 52 illustrations in color

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