by KK

Color Illustrations by Fraylim

A "Crossed Fiction" Story

Carl was just a high school student who was looking forward to summer vacation. His parents are divorcing, and he’s going to go down south the Florida to stay with his aunt. What better place for a hormonally-driven guy than Florida, with miles and miles of beaches with hot young girls in bikinis?

But before he can even start to enjoy things, he’s faced with a crisis. See, Carl is going to inherit a huge sum of money, and his parents are fighting for custody of him – and his money. When his lecherous father wins, Carl’s Aunt Kat decides her nephew needs a disguise to keep from being found.

What better disguise than as one of the very same bikini beauties he’s been lusting after? Carl wants nothing to do with it, but he’s coerced, tricked and manipulated into becoming the very picture of a heart-stopping teenage beach bunny.

Soon, Carl has not one but two boyfriends, along with jealous rivals, not to mention over-zealous beauticians and surgeons... And at the center of it all, an Aunt that pushes him farther and farther into femininity.

This book is by KK, who wrote “The Show Piece,” and illustrated by perennial favorite Fraylim.

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Rated "R" for sexual


• Hormones

• Surgery

• Disguised & In Hiding

• Salons

• Reluctant

Book. 159 pages.

• 48 illustrations in color

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