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Story & Art by Melissa N.

A “Web Classics Revisited” Story

Chris was living the good life. He was only in high school, but he was the most popular guy on campus. He was handsome, charismatic and successful.

As the lead actor in his school’s drama productions, people from all around town would come see him play his roles of strong and chraming young men. Everyone knew Chris. The boys wanted to be him and the girls wanted to have him.

Unfortunately, that kind of adoration can go to a boy’s head, and indeed it had. Chris was sleeping around behind his girlfriend’s back, and subjecting her to ridicule. The student author of the plays Chris was starring in was furious with him for being temperamental and re-writing his parts over her objections.

Together, the two girls plot revenge on Chris. They come up with a new play that they say will test Chris’s range as an actor, and that he must start training his mind and body for the new role.

What Chris doesn’t know is that the new play is called “Barbie’s Life,” all about a flighty rich girl’s comedically feminine life.

Intent on showing everyone what a fantastic actor he is, Chris is hell-bent on becoming the title character. But when he realizes how much he’s going to have to change, he finds himself trapped and on a one-way voyage to become Barbie in real life.

This story is freely available from Melissa N.’s DeviantArt site, in it’s original form. This version has been newly edited for more natural English reading and includes all-new artwork unique to this book.

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Barbie's Life


Rated "R" for sexual content


• Slow Change

• Salons

• Drug Change

• Coerced Feminization

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