by James J. Craft

Illustrations by Sortimid

Ink & Color by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Mark was a man who wasn’t very happy with his life. He had gone to a prestigious college, the type of college that churns out high-paid, powerful executives by the yacht-full, but he hadn’t yet reached the pinnacle of success.

In fact, as a retail salesperson of clothing at Rightworth & Co. mens’ store, he hadn’t even found the ladder to success, much less climbed it. He had deluded himself into thinking he was a part of the team that ran the store, but in reality, he was just one step above the janitor.

He had read in the financial papers of a possible merger with his store and a foreign buyer from Japan, and knew it was a matter of time before his flagging mens store might be acquired. Soon, the suits he’s selling are now pastel colored. The shoes have heels. The shirts are sequinned. What makes it worse is that he’s got to learn to sell these odd, effeminate new varieties of fashion... And wear them, too.

The new store management has a plan to make sure the all-male staff of Rightworth & Co can keep up with the new styles. With rigorous training and new makeovers for the salespeople, the store is quickly changing. Staid Mark is suddenly swept up in a dizzying maelstrom of feminine fashions, effete friends and demanding Japanese bosses that push him to change like no man has ever changed before.

Slowly, bit by bit, everything is transforming, including Mark — and he’s powerless to stop it. In mind, body and soul, Mark will no longer be the man he used to be.

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Rated "R" for sexual depiction & language.


• Slow Change

• Subliminal Mind Control

• Fashion

• Makeovers

• Cultural Change

Book. 103 pages.

• 31 illustrations in color

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