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Keith the postman is a very bland fellow. One day, out on his route, he spies a beautiful young woman. As he is too plain and ordinary to be a viable boyfriend for her, he decides to learn more about her. He needs to be interesting to her, and become informed about the things she’s interested in. To do this, he reads through her mail and becomes intimately familiar with the things she’s into.

Oddly, though, as he begins to become more and more fascinated by her and her passions, he begins to take on her traits. Soon, even after he’s begun dating Zoe, he finds himself thinking like her. Acting like her... Becoming Zoe.

This is part of a British anthology series called “Crackanory,” (It would take a paragraph to explain the title) and the story is narrated by none other than Richard Hammond. Yes. That one.

Crackanory: “Becoming Zoe”

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