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Ned Needlemeyer is a young grade-school boy who gets wild nightmares. After being tricked by the bullies of his school into using the girls’ restroom, Ned drifts into a nightmare about what life would be like if he had turned into a girl. Can he survive as the fairer sex?

“Girl Trouble” was broadcast on June 7th, 1997 on ABC TV, but Nightmare Ned was cancelled before it completed it’s first season. This episode was broadcast just once, and then never shown again. It was never released for home video, and has never been seen since then. Apologies for the wobbly video, but this episode has not been seen for nearly twenty years. If the title sounds familiar, Nightmare Ned was also a popular video game, produced to accompany the TV show.

Animated. Produced by Disney and Creative Capers Entertainment in 1997 for American television.

Nightmare Ned: “Girl Trouble”

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