aka “Changed and Rearranged”
by Joe Six Pack

Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Stories of the Supernatural" Tale

Matt was easily the hardest-working student in school. But that gave him a little bit of an attitude. Chris was the sort of kid who was smart without really trying. Matt hated Chris.

Then, one day, the English teacher comes up sick. Matt, convinced he's smart enough to teach the class all by himself, decides to prove he can. His plan goes bad before it even gets started. His attempt to sneak into the school disguised as a female substitute teacher is foiled immediately. But Chris, fed up with Matt, decides to help him succeed in his plan.

Oddly, all of reality seems to bend to Chris' will, and Matt slowly loses himself in his new role. So when Chris decides he's had enough fun and that it's time to let Matt of the hook, he finds that the situation has gone wildly out of control.

How did Chris change Matt into a female teacher? Can he stop it? Does he really want to?

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Wrongs Make Wright


Rated "R" for sex and language.


• Sci-Fi

• Total Male to Female

• Stuck

• Salon

• High School

Book. 80 pages.

• 19 illustrations in color

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• New edition, revised 2011
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