by James J. Craft

Illustrations by Banedearg

Cover & additional art by Joe Six-Pack

A “Seriously Sissified” Story

Caleb wanted to run a little YouTube channel to get a bit of recognition. It was nothing that important, just a place where he unboxed some stuff he’d get in the mail. Maybe some shoes, maybe some knives, maybe some tactical gear. 

Few people watched his content. His numbers were very low, almost nothing. Yet he kept posting. 

One day, though, he gets something strange in his usual parcels. Not sneakers, not a knife, not survival gear. It’s… Makeup. He has no idea what to do with it. He sets it aside and moves on.

A little while later he gets a set of gift cards, mostly to spas and salons. He has no idea who sent these things to him, or why. Yet a free gift is a free gift, so he uses them.

After a fun time at a spa, and a new sharp haircut at a salon, he begins to wonder what else these mysterious gifts might hold for him, so he begins to try some of these items out.

As he does, his numbers go up. More viewers. More likes. More recognition. Driven by the numbers, he begins to get more and more adventurous in exploring all the feminine gifts coming in the mail.

Soon Caleb finds himself swept up in one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube, and eager to please his viewers with increasingly deeper trips in a feminine journey.

This book is not a novel, and lacks a written narrative. It tells the story of Caleb through YouTube and Twitter posts, more like a comic. If you have any doubts, please check out the free preview! It’ll demonstrate how it all works.


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Un-Boxed & Undone


Rated “X” for sexual depiction.


• Slow Change

• Mind Control

• Fashion

• Makeovers

• Picture Story

Book. 41 pages.

• 33 illustrations in color

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