aka “Demoted & Degraded”
by Angela J.

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Cindy was just trying to earn a living at Jones enterprises, a small office-supply company. She didn’t much like her boss, Tom Jones, a man of limited patience and a fierce libido.

Mr. Jones’ wife is looking for a way to put her husband in his place, and Cindy is talked into helping the poor woman to fix their marriage. She has no problems bringing the cocky Tom down a little, especially when all she has to do is have him listen to a CD. What real harm could a little CD do?

As month after month passes, it becomes very clear what it could do. With Cindy watching on, she sees her boss unable to stop himself from becoming less and less the man in command and more and more reliant on Cindy to help him become more feminine.

How long can he keep his growing girlishness a secret? Will the rest of the office ever catch on? And what are his wife’s real goals?

More importantly, how much fun will it be watching it happen?


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Trixie the Secretary


Rated "R" for strong sexual content.


• Slow Change

• Character Change

• Workplace

Book. 87 pages.

• 17 illustrations in color

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