by KK & Fraylim

Color Illustrations by Fraylim

A "Crossed Fiction" Story

John was off to college in the fall, but he wanted one last summer as a carefree kid. His family has sadly fallen apart, now divided between a philandering father and an angry mother.

Spending time at the summer house was just the thing for John to reconnect with better days. Every summer he had met up with Stanley, a rambunctious kid and his partner in mischief. Together they lived it up as young kids in a beach town, having as much fun as they could pack into their vacation.

So, now, by himself, John ventured out to the coast and rented the house himself for a final summer with his friend.

However, Stanley was nowhere to be seen. His mother, the widowed owner of the summer house, told him that Stanley was off at a military school learning some discipline. However, her niece Lee Anne was visiting ans needed some company.

Stanley’s memory quickly faded to the back of John’s mind as he saw the sexy and flirtatious teenage girl that was now his next-door neighbor.

Soon, John is trying to romance her and show her off around the small seaside town with pride. Still, there’s something bothering him about Lee Anne. Something that will turn John’s summer around forever.

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The Summer House


Rated "R" for sexual depiction & language.


• Disguised & In Hiding

• Reluctant

• Teenagers

• Hormones

• Salons & Shopping

Book. 134 pages.

• 58 illustrations in color

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