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Dillon was disgruntled to watch his father get married again. Maybe he would have been okay with it if the wife, Sharlene, wasn’t such a shallow, bossy and obvious trophy wfie out for the money.

When he gives her the cold shoulder, Sharlene decides she has better things to do than argue with a belligerent step-son and takes matters into her own hands.

Unfortunately fro Dillon, he’s about to learn that Sharlene is no ordinary woman. She’s a witch.

Once Sharlene casts her spell, Dillon’s world begins to change around him. Soon, he’s getting back rubs from his best friend, taking the easiest classes in high school and out on shopping trips.

But he, himself, is only barely aware of the changes, and no one else in his life seems to notice. He doesn’t notice as his hair gets blonder and blonder and his clothes get pinker and pinker — and more revealing.

There’s no going back for Dillon as he slowly becomes the kind of person he always hated... A person his Step-Witch mother is proud to call her daughter.

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The Step-Witch


Rated "PG" for sexual situations


• Slow Change

• Mind Control

• Magic, Witchcraft

• Identity Loss

• Total Transformation

• Reluctant Transformee

Comic. 17 pages.

• Full color, hand-drawn, 55 panels.

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