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by Melissa N.

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Hard-charging Casey is a man on top of the world, making millions as an investment banker for his wealthy clients. Casey works non-sop and has little time for anything in his life. He’s grown apart from his wife and adopted a severely unhealthy lifestyle in his pursuit of success.

Then the heart attack came. He was too young to even suspect he could have one, but it surprises no one who knows him and how hard he works in his high-stress job.

So when he ignores the advice of doctors and the peas of his wife, he’s back to working just as hard as he ever did.

That’s when Casey’s wife, Jennifer puts her foot down. Either he gets some kind of exercise and takes care of himself or she’s divorcing him. And just to make sure Casey knows how angry she is, she signs him up for exotic dancing as the exercise of choice.

Faced with the loss of his wife, Casey has to begin learning to be a female stripper. Will it save his marriage? Or will circumstances force Casey to go deeper and deeper into the life of an exotic dancer, until he’s not even recognizable anymore?

Can he keep his job? Can he rekindle the love he had for his wife? Can Casey keep himself from falling deeper and deeper into the world of The Russian Girl?

From Melissa N., author of From Mister to Sister and featuring 30 brand new illustrations by Joe Six-Pack.

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The Russian Girl


Rated "R" for sexual content


• Slow Change

• Salons

• Drug Change

• Coerced Feminization

• Cultural Change

Book. 211 pages.

• 30 illustrations in color

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