by Cheryl Lynn

Color Illustrations by Petit Maudite

A “Seriously Sissified” Story

Thomas Cochrane Jr. was a kid growing up in the 1960’s. During the war, his father, an Air Force pilot married his mother, a girl from Thailand. He may be of mixed race, but Thomas grows up as a red-blooded American boy. He lives in Texas and hangs out with his rowdy friends and makes out with his freckle-faced girlfriend.

It’s all going well for Thomas until his parents are killed in a crash. Although he’s 18, he needs someone to look after him, so his Thai aunt comes to take care of him.

The aunt sees that he’s just like the little boy she used to babysit so many years ago, with his lustrous blond hair and delicate features. She had always dreamed of Thomas being part of her family, and to live with her. Now she has her chance.

She wants Thomas to take his place by her side, filling the role of a younger sister. To do this, she must convert Thomas from a young American man into a Thai ladyboy.

The aunt begins a plan to convert the headstrong and belligerent young man into her hearts’ fondest wish, a beautiful creature worthy of the golden blond hair on their head.


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The Pink Teddy Bear


Rated “R” for sexual


• Slow Change

• Hormonal Change

• Forced Feminization

• Coerced Change

• Sissy themes

Book. 72 pages.

• 18 illustrations in color

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