The Femmed Family Robinson


by James J. Craft & Cheryl Lynn

Color Illustrations by Sortmid

A "Seriously Sissified" Story

The Robinson family is three boys and a single, rich, father. When he meets the love of his life in a whirlwind romance, the boys find themselves with a new stepmother.

Deborah sets about making each one of the boys feel special, by giving them gifts, motivating them to explore their true selves, and of course, wear some new fashions.

They boys respond in different way, some receptive, others skeptical. Some learn fast, others resist. There really isn’t any point to holding out. Deborah knows what she’s doing and will get her way, almost certainly.

When she’s done, she’ll have all them starting new lives and embracing their new selves. There will be lots of photos to add to her long collection of men transformed and made feminine.

By James J. Craft author of “One Year and Tokyo” and Cheryl Lynn, author of “Politically Corrected.”

You can also get the second book with Deborah and her feminizing ways here: Dr. Angel’s Clinic


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Rated "R" for sexual
suggestion & language.


• Slow Change

• Hormonal Change

• Salon Makeover

• Forced Feminization

• Mind Control

• Identity Loss

Book. 96 pages.

• 29 illustrations in color

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