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by Joe Six Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Keith had worked at the theme park for a few years now, as a performing character. These days, he made his living as The Prince, paired with the famous Snow White. When his partner goes off on leave, he’s given someone new to work with to play the part of Snow White: a teenage boy.

Will is just looking for a job, and takes what’s offered. Thanks to some crazy union requirements, he’s wound up playing Snow White for a few days.

As it happens, Will is amazing at it. He brings the character to life. Kids love him and Keith loves working with him. In fact, he makes such a good impression, that the head of the park, Stan Bergstein, takes notice. He’s entranced by the new Snow White.

Stan has something special, though, an artifact left by his grandfather that will give him what he desires most - a real, living, breathing Snow White. Believing Will is female, he gives it to him, and watches as the boy slowly becomes his fantasy.

How long before Will notices what’s happening to him? Can he stop it? What about Keith, who’s new best friend is suddenly becoming more and more attractive?

Co-Published with This story was originally published by The story has been edited and updated from the original. The illustrations were further revised in 2021.

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The Fairest One of All


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• Slow Change

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• Sci-Fi Transformation

• Popular Culture

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