AKA "Fashion Victims"
by Lauren Bliss

Color Illustrations by Fraylim

A "Crossed Fiction" Story

The Fair Oaks Mall is a tribute to capitalism, and at Jillington’s, the anchor store, it’s all about fashion.

What Jamie didn’t understand was exactly how easily one could fall under the spell of women’s clothes. All he wanted was some stuff to wear for the new school year, and he wound up becoming a whole new person.

He was just curious about girls, and when he got caught trying to sneak a peek at them in the changing room, he was going to know more about girls than he could ever figure.

Now he was pretending to be a salesgirl, working in the women’s section. How long could he keep it a secret before everyone found out? Not as long as he hoped.

Before long, not only is Jamie irrevocably ensnared in a trap of women’s wear, he’s drawn in boy after boy into this sticky web of secrets. 

Day by day, there’s a little bit of Jamie the boy being left behind as Jamie the female fashionista takes over.

This is a “purple band” title, previously posted online as a 10,000 word story under the name Shawna Stimple. This new version is over twice as long and newly illustrated.

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Rated "G"


• Slow Attitude Change

• Multiple Transformations

• Shopping & Salons

• Makeovers

Book. 67 pages.

• 40 illustrations in color

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