aka “Hello, Nurse!”
by Joe Six Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Dane is young doctor in search of his dream line of work. He wants to settle into a lab and cure the world. It’s a laudable goal, unfortunately it’s a hard to find someone to pay you to run endless experiments with no real hope of making a profit.

So, at the end of his rope, he’s willing to accept the job offer his old college roomie makes. Jimmy Lynch, also a new doctor, needs someone to help him out at his new office. He needs a nurse.

Dane isn’t very happy about taking on the duties of a nurse, but at least he’s on his way out of debt and doing actual medical work.

Since he’s not really a trained nurse, Dane welcomes a little assistance from a computer training module his friend supplies him with.

Soon enough, Dane has mastered the details of his new job. The training does wonders. He’s in control of the goings on at the office, and becoming a good nurse.

Still, he wants more. He’s feels driven to become not just a great nurse – he needs to become the ultimate nurse. But aren’t most nurses female?

Co-Published with TGstories.com. This story is a re-write of “Just Another One of the Girls,” originally published by TGstories.com. 4000 words longer than the original, with a new ending.

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Rated "X" for strong sexual content.


• Slow Change

• Hormonal Transformation

• Mind Control

• Total Male to Female

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