aka “I Never Wanted to be a Woman”

by Cheryl Lynn

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Crossed Fiction" Story

Michael was born into a well-respected family of power and wealth. But when he goes off to college, he falls in with a crowd of hippies and political activists, becoming the very antithesis of the people he came from. 

In the tumultuous year of 1971, his mother, the surviving matriarch of the family, is a judge with ambitions to go all the way up the judicial ladder. Unfortunately, the liability of her counter-culture son is destroying her political clout. She’ll never get appointed to a higher court with a prominent hippie for a son. She needs to find a way to have her son disappear from the face of the Earth.

Her assistant, Carl, comes up with a fantastically wild option. He gives Michael’s mother the opportunity to completely re-make her son into a more proper and dignified person. In the process, she can also make her son into the daughter she always wanted.

Thanks to a mysterious voodoo potion, Michael finds himself stripped of his free will. He also finds himself stripped of his masculinity and self-respect. He is slowly turned into the daughter his mother – and her gay assistant – desires.

This book is by Cheryl Lynn, who’s been a favorite TG author with dozens of popular stories to her credit.


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Politically Corrected


Rated "R" for sexual


• Hormones/Potion

• Mind Control

• Forced Feminization 

• Salons

• Period Fashion

Book. 70 pages.

• 25 illustrations in color

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