aka “They’re the Girls for the Job”

by James J. Craft

Color Illustrations by blackshirtboy

A "Crossed Fiction" Story

Pete and Harmon are co-workers. Co-workers who don’t much like each other. But when layoff send both of them into their unemployed future, they rent an apartment together to save money.

Neither has any luck finding a new job in their fields. Without even enough cash to hold on to a computer, Harmon scours the newspaper want ads every day in search of any job that can help him out of his worsening financial problems. He has no luck.

Pete, however, jumps at the first thing he can get. That job has him working as a host at a downtown dinner club, where the patrons like to ogle the unnaturally attractive waitresses.

Now that Pete is gainfully employed, Harmon is irritated and angered by his roommate rubbing it in. What Harmon isn’t envious of, though, is the increasingly feminine uniform and behavior of Pete. After a while, it goes beyond simple effeminate behavior, and Pete starts to identify himself as a woman.

Can Harmon get to the bottom of the mystery? Can he save his friend from a female future? If he goes too far, will he suffer the same fate?


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Peace and Harmony


Rated "R" for sexual references.


• Slow Change

• Crossdressing

• Hormonal Change

• Salon scenes

• Mind Control

Book. 64 pages.

• 19 illustrations in color

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