aka “Revenge of the Cheerleaders”

by Angela J

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Seriously Sissified" Story

Patrick Sears is a football player. At SMWU, being a football player comes with a lot of fringe benefits, including first choice of just about any girl on campus. But that’s not enough for Patrick. He wants to be a legend – he wants to bed every single one of the SMWU Cheerleading squad.

But it’s not easy. He has to manipulate, lie, blackmail and threaten the girls to reach his goal. Unfortunately, he never considers what price he might pay for his scheming.

The cheerleaders gain the upper hand on Patrick, and decide the only justice they’re satisfied with is to make him go through everything they went through. And so, football player Patrick Sears becomes new cheerleader Pansy Cheers.

They slowly change Patrick from stud to sissy, humiliating him into submission. Assisted by the practicing-surgeon mother of one of the girls, when they’re done, there’s no mistaking that this boy isn’t going to be making to the pros anytime soon.


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Pansy Cheers


Rated "X" for strong sexual content.


• Slow Change

• Hormonal Change

• Surgical Change

• Forced Feminization

• Sissification

Book. 112 pages.

• 19 illustrations in color

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