by James J. Craft

Color Illustrations by Kwon Lee Tran

A "Teens Transformed" Story

Mickey is a small meek kid living in the big rowdy state of Texas. He doesn’t fit in very well, and keeps to himself. One day, his divorced mother decides she’s not only going to get married again, but she’s going to celebrate by traveling around the world. Without Mickey.

Instead of being left alone, he’s shipped off to live with his distant father, who is working in Tokyo. There, he’s overwhelmed by the high-speed big-city lifestyle. That’s when he meets Keiko, his father’s new Japanese wife, and Mickey’s new stepmother.

She wants nothing to do with Mickey, and wishes him gone. As Mickey is introduced to the eclectic lifestyle of living in Tokyo, Keiko takes advantage of the young boy and his naiveté. Mickey’s need to acclimate to his new surrounding is hijacked by his stepmother, and turns Mickey’s Tokyo experience into a decidedly feminine escapade.

Before long, Mickey is finding Lolita dresses and heels his new normal. Can a boyfriend and a permanent home in Tokyo be far behind? And what will happen when his mother finds out what he’s up to?

The fifth book in “The Stepmother Series.”

Written by James J. Craft, author of “Big in Japan,” and illustrated by Kwon Lee Tran.


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One Year in Tokyo


Rated "PG" for sexual
suggestion & language.


• Slow Change

• Hormonal Change

• Mind Control

• Salon Makeover

• Coerced Feminization

• Cultural Change

Book. 87 pages.

• 20 illustrations in color

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