by Joe Six Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A “Teens Transformed” Story

Tucker Bickford is a 15 year old punk who’s not out to win anyone’s friendship. He pumps iron, he plays video games with lots of blood and he blasts heavy metal music into his ears relentlessly. He also likes to pick on his little sister, Amelia, and make her life miserable.

Tucker’s mother, Darcy, has given up. After a recent divorce, what little parenting skills she had were thrown out the window as she spends most of her days in bed, listless and tired. The kids largely fended for themselves and that left Tucker with a free hand to further torture his seven year old little sis, which was his favorite pastime.

On one particularly miserable night, seven year old Amelia makes a wish. A wish that her brother was nicer to her and she had a mother as beautiful and wonderful as her favorite doll — a Shelbie® fashion doll.

Soon, things start to happen. Strange, unexplainable things. Tucker’s sister and mother don’t see it, but the young man does. He’s experiencing unexplainable events that are forcing him to look female. He changes his nails, his hair and his voice, all to appease a spirit he can’t see, but definitely can make his life hell on Earth. His mother’s health takes a serious turn for the worse — the work of this specter, surely. It even takes Amelia away and only returns her when Tucker has fulfilled a new command.

When this torment has pushed him too far, he decides to make a run for it. He moves out, takes his sister with him and gets his mother into the hospital. In disguise, he thinks he’s escaped the reach of the entity that has been haunting him — but has he?

Will little Amelia’s wishes be fulfilled, and if so, what’s really behind this other-worldly presence? Are wishes real? Or is something else going on?

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My Brother, My Mother, My Doll


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• Slow Change

• Realistic

• Hormones

• Makeover

• Age Progression to Adult

• Age Regression to Teen

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