aka “From Pals to Gals”
by Joe Six Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Stories of the Supernatural" Story

See, these two friends are kinda dim. Stewart and Jeremy aren’t very social, and they aren’t very bright. They live to tease students, and tease each other.

As a practical joke, Stewart nominates Jeremy to be Prom Queen. In a demonstration of the limits of their creativity, Jeremy has done the exact same thing. Now both boys are running to be Prom Queen.

But even though it’s just a joke, the two start to take it seriously.

That’s where things get a little out of hand. The two boys have fallen into possession of a magic object, and it seems that they’ve made a tiny little wish with it. Now, whatever they need to get more votes for Prom Queen, they can get. And what do you need to get elected Prom Queen? Well, a female body for starters...

Co-Published with TGstories.com. This story was originally published by TGstories.com. The story has been edited and updated from the original.

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Mandate of the People


Rated "X" for strong sexual content.


• Slow Change

• Process Transformation

• Magical Transformation

• Total Male to Female

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