by Joe Six-Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A “Stories of the Supernatural” Story

Previously published in the “Candlewick Court” Series.

Colin and Elliot Finch are two young men have hatched a plot to “catfish” a local genetic scientist by the name of Doug Brundell. To do so, Colin and Elliot find themselves in dresses, pretending to be mother and daughter, snaring the unsuspecting and naive middle-aged single father into their trap. Brundell seems to desire a perfect wife – a traditional 1950’s housewife – and Colin wants to give him just that.

In their rush to swindle Brundell, Colin finds himself becoming more and more the fifties housewife Doug has always wanted. Yes, it’s odd, but with the goal of the big score, and draining Brundell of every penny would make all the trouble worth it. To make sure he’s putting on the best possible disguise, Colin is all in and chases after fifties femininity with a zeal he didn't know he had.

However, there are signs that maybe his disguise might be more than just a costume, as he finds his body changing. Surely, it’s because he’s dieting and exercising more. He can't possibly be turning into a woman for real, can he? 

His newfound skills of cooking and budding dedication to cleaning are just a part of his role, Colin tells himself. Surely, he can't possibly be thinking of himself as if he really were a fifties housewife? Elliot, as well is just pretending to be a little girl, not be actually turning into one, correct? 

Will Colin finally spring his trap before he and his brother are trapped in their increasingly real female roles? And who would be more heartbroken at the deceit? Brundell… or Colin?

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In the Family Way


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• Slow Change

• Character Change

• Feminization

• Identity Change

• Slow AR and AP

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