Full Color Comic Book

Story by James J. Craft

Illustrations by RocketXpert

The boys who have been friends through high school now face their most challenging moment of their lives: college. But before they can embark on the next step in their lives, they’ve got to earn some money for the summer.

Opportunity comes along serendipitously as one of them finds work in a mansion far away from the rest of the town. There, he does errands and cleaning for the lonely woman who lives there.

Yet, when his friends ask him for details, they find him contrite and evasive over what he does. Soon, his friends, convinced he’s holding out on them, investigate for themselves. Why won’t he talk about his odd new job?

Well, they find out, that’s for certain. Slowly it becomes clear that their summer job is not going to go they way they thought it would – nor would much else in their lives from this moment on.

As it turns out, their lives involved far more femininity, as it so happens.

Includes three pages of bonus sketches & art


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Help Wanted


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Rated "R" for sexual content


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Comic. 19 pages.

• Color, hand-drawn, 76 panels.

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