by James J. Craft

Color Illustrations by rocketXpert

Art effects & cover by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Cody was a compulsive gambler who found himself in deep, deep debt to the local gangster, Big Pete. In a desperate attempt to pay him off, Colby uses his step-mother’s credit.

Once she finds out, though, there’s only one punishment she thinks will fit the crime. To wear humiliating heels and skirts. It’s either that or be turned in to the authorities for fraud.

Unfortunately, that’s not where it ends for Colby. His debts continue to get him in even more trouble. Before long, he’s completely made up as a girl. Then he finds himself on the arm of the gangster who’s already threatened him, disguised as a woman.

What Colby never could have suspected was how deep the relationship between his family and the gangster is, and how he’s stepped into a trap he’ll never get out of.

Because day by day, he’s becoming more and more like his step-mother, locked into the same fate... and into the same life.


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Hard Time or High Heels


Rated "R" for sexual


• Hormones

• Forced Feminization 

• Salons

• Realistic transformation

• New identity

Book. 74 pages.

• 20 illustrations in color

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