by Joe Six-Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A “Teens Transformed” Story

Logan Knox is a loner. A teenage loner. His dad is in and out of prison, his mother left them, and he’s got little else in the world but his friend Stu. It won’t be long before he turns 18 and he can live on hs own, and despite having a 4.1 GPA, he has no interest in college. He just wants to do his own thing. That’s who he is. A loner.

Jamie Lynn Lambert is a cheerleader with a perfect life. She lives in a huge house with wealthy parents who give her everything she wants. She’s just moved to town during the last couple of weeks of school at Rosenblatt High, and she’s already on the cheer squad. Truly, a charmed life lies ahead for the ditzy blond princess.

Things take a bit of a turn when Logan and Stu watch Jamie Lynn being hoisted out of cheer practice, thrown into a room and locked inside by the Vice Principal. She’s under suspicion of using drugs, and the school is forcing her to take a drug test.

So along comes a very curious Logan, who wants to know what’s going on. He sneaks in to hear the full story from her, and she talks him into helping her out. Jamie Lynn is convinced she will fail the drug test and she wants him to take her drug test for her.

Logan likes to stir things up, so he agrees. It will just involve swapping clothes (and a wig) to do it. Easy. Surely, he thinks, the results will be hilarious.

The next thing he knows is that he’s waking up in Jamie Lynn’s bed and on his own. Miraculously, everyone accepts that he’s Jamie Lynn Lambert — and Logan, being the mischievous sort he is, is inclined to keep up the disguise to see what comes next.

But what comes next is a slow realization that this exchange may not have been as random as he first thought is was, and that leaving the life of Jamie Lynn Lambert might take… An eternity.

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• Surgery

• Mind Control

• Feminization

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