aka "His Strangest Desire"
by Joe Six Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Mick was first, above all else, a stoner. Secondly, he was a slacker. But after his parents tossed him out of the house and he had to get his own place, he needed work. So Mick worked in a retail store, in the local mall. He hates the mall, and hates the empty-headed sales girls who populate the place. But his job is pretty cushy, and even with his minimum effort work ethic, he’s not going to get fired.

That’s when he suddenly finds himself declared the “Employee of the Month.” He doesn’t even remotely deserve the honor, and it infuriates his co-worker, Sharon, a hardcore retail sales pro. She vows to get the award back, and goes about improving her appearance to get customer’s attention. Mick takes up the challenge and wants to beat her at her own game. Pretty soon he’s matching Sharon tit-for-tat to become the next Employee of the Month.

But what Mick slowly realizes is that he doesn’t just want to beat Sharon.... There’s a much deeper drive inside of him, a secret desire he was never aware of before. He’s not just trying to win the award to beat Sharon, he’s doing it because... Well, he can’t even admit it to himself. Not even after he’s seen the doctors, and is wearing skirts to work.

Eventually, though, he’ll have to come to grips with what he wants, more than anything else in the world. His strangest desire come true.

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Employee of the Month


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• Slow Change

• Character Change

• Salons

• Surgery

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