Full-Color Comic by Joe Six-Pack

On the run, Jesse Kindler pulls in a favor from one of his old friends. He needs to hide and needs a new identity. His friend, the once-famous director Rick Stackman feels obliged to help him out. Using Rick’s connections in Hollywood, he arranges for one of the top special effects make-up artists in town to give Jesse a brand new look.

It’s the perfect disguise – no one would ever think that the blond woman in the short dress was actually Jesse Kindler, wanted for bank robbery in six states!

Although he’s not liking his disguise at all, Jesse decides to go along with it for the time being. He learns how to comport himself as a woman and the essentials of feminine beauty. Still, he can’t wait to get back his old life. Even if that old life is getting farther and farther away as if it were a dream.

It isn’t long before hanging on Rick’s arm and sleeping in the same bed are common and casual events in Jesse’s life. Then, when Jesse has the plastic surgery he wanted... Wait, did he want plastic surgery? Wasn’t this a temporary disguise? It’s okay though, becasue all the surgery is totally temporary, according to Rick.

But since when did giving a man a vagina become a temporary procedure? Why does Jesse crave Rick’s body? This is all getting very confusing for the poor young man, and he’s only going to find peace of mind when the true nature of his double-crossed story is exposed.

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Rated "X" for sexual content


• Slow Change

• Drugged Change

• Mind Control

• Surgery

• Total Transformation

• Reluctant Transformee

Comic. 24 pages.

• Full color, hand-drawn, 98 panels.

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