by Joe Six-Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Seth was an immigrant from Uzbekistan as a teenager, having lost his parents as a toddler. In the US, he worked hard to get his life together and became a whiz-bang programmer. He was happy and content writing his code, and his friend Jason was great at coming up with new ideas and selling them.

One day, they hit it big. They sold their website for over a quarter billion dollars, making each of them rich beyond their understanding.

But money doesn’t buy happiness, and Seth hates his new life. Aside from his season tickets to the Anaheim Shock basketball games, there’s nothing about being rich that he likes. He especially doesn’t like what it’s done to his wife, who’s become a stuck-up socialite.

The idleness of wealth leads the two men into a crazy bet. Their wives have purchased cheerleader costumes for them and they bet to see who can attend a Halloween party and go undetected as a man. The loser forfeits their fortune.

That sounds great to Seth, who is certain he’ll lose and go back to his old life. But his wife is not about to let that happen. 

And Jason’s wife is not about to let him lose, either. As she pushes her husband farther and farther, all Seth can do is try to play catch-up. The relentless drive to win the bet causes both men to sacrifice more than they ever wanted to.

That’s just the first fifty pages. What will happen when the bet goes even further? How far will each wife push their husbands? 

Read on as they have their hair, their faces, their bodies and even their minds changed to win the bet. And anguish with Seth as he sees his best friend change beyond recognition, maybe forever.

Revised in 2021 to feature updated illustrations & a new cover.

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Costume Drama


Rated "X" for graphic sexual descriptions.


• Slow Change

• Character Change

• Hypnosis

• Cheerleading

• Surgery & Hormones

• Race Change

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