Corey Taylor's Big Bodacious Adventure



aka “He’s a Valley Girl, For Sure”
by Joe Six Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Teens Transformed" Story

Corey Taylor is a kid trying to rock his way into an arts college against his father’s wishes. He also has a bully chasing him down wherever he goes. The only way he can follow his dreams is to fake his way into school.

And the best disguise he can think of? Why, being a girl, of course.

Once he’s in, he’s stuck. He’s accidentally become the roommate of the cheerleading girl of his dreams, and the girlfriend of the bully who wants to kick his ass.

All Corey can do is continue his disguise, and perfect it. Thanks to an ambitious cosmetology student and a twisted doctor, Corey is well on his way to becoming the most beautiful girl in 1980’s Los Angeles – a full-fledged Valley Girl.

But what happens when his disguise starts to unravel and his nosy, evil step sister starts to use him for her own ambitions? What happens when his best friend tries to sabotage him? And what happens when he’s got to return to ‘normal?’

You’ve seen this movie before - lovesick teenage boy disguised as a female to win the girl. But you’ve never seen it end like this.

Co-Published with This story is a re-write of “Just Another One of the Girls,” originally published by

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Rated "PG" for mild sexual content.


• Slow Change

• Bimbo

• College Life

• Realistic Sci-Fi

• Total Male to Female

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• 58 illustrations in color

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