by Joe Six Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Richard grew up in the city. He lived all his life in the shadow of skyscrapers and never cared much for the world beyond them. Young, successful and well-off, he's got a bright future ahead. His wife Janice is a perfect match. They're all business, helping each other to succeed and single-mindedly focused on getting ahead.

Then came a message from Richard's number one prospect, Elizabeth Dilkins, sent all the way from rural Oklahoma. She's taken ill and needs someone to look after her for a while. And Richard, who wants to steal her oil-rich property, is obligated to go.

Then things get complicated. The illness lingers. Oddly, Richard himself gets sick and takes a turn for the worse. As Janice tries to get some kind of indication of when he's coming home, she becomes more and more suspicious.

As she eventually ventures out into the country, she's amazed at the world she enters. And she's even more amazed at what's become of her husband.

Can she get him to come home? Can she face up to Elizabeth and the town to take him back? And is there anything left of her husband worth taking back?

This is a re-written story, but hits the same plot points as the original. All illustrations are brand new and unique to this book.


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City Boy, Country Girl


Rated "R" for sex and language.


• Slow Change

• Age Regression

• Total Male to Female

• Mind Control

• Identity Loss

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• 34 illustrations in color

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• “City Boy, Country Girl” Series

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