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Boys Will Be Girls


Full-Color Graphic Novel
by Fraylim & KK

Ink & Color by Joe Six-pack

Warren’s young life has been rough. His parents have died in an accident and he’s been sent to live with his grandmother. He’s never met her before, but hasn’t heard good things. She was supposed to be stern, cold and a man-hater.

Immediately, Warren finds his lifestyle being altered by his grandmother, but he’s not too worried. He needed a good haircut and getting a manicure was fun. But why can’t he gain the muscles he wants, even after he’s been given booster shots of vitamins?

Then, he receives a mysterious letter in the mail from Camp Summer Blossom, an invitation to the exclusive retreat. Excited, Warren is off for the summer of a lifetime.

However, what kind of camp teaches sewing, dancing and flower arrangement? When are the sports activities? When was he going to see some action?

Instead, Warren is unable to fully realize that he, his friend Tim, and the other attendees at the all-boys camp are slowly being turned into girls.

While he knows something is going on, he only slowly becomes aware of the sinister purpose of Camp Summer Blossom. Can he fight their control of him before he’s in too deep? Before he’s wearing bras and panties? Before he’s more comfortable in heels than sneakers? Before he falls in love with a man?

A full-length, full-color, hand-drawn, slow-transform TG graphic novel, the first of it’s kind!

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Rated "X" for sexual content


• Slow Change

• Total Male to Female

• Identity Loss

• Mind Control & Hypnotism

• Weddings

• Hormonal Change

Graphic Novel. 101 pages.

• Over 280 panels in color

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