by KK

Color Illustrations by Fraylim

A "Crossed Fiction" Story

A part of the “Blondie Series.” – “Blondie’s Lost Year” is the story of Carl’s humiliating year as a female high school student. Forced into dresses and made up as blond bimbo, Carl’s anguish was never-ending.

But he wasn’t the only victim. Mark Summers’ year was much the same. As a worker in Tiffany’s Twist salon, where Carl had been made over into Candi, he slowly suffered much the same fate. By the end of the year ‘Mark’ was ‘Marci’ and looking for a way out.

The mischievous Swedish twins Helga and Inga torture poor mark, making change after change in his life as they trick him into becoming the girl they want him to be.

As Mark and Candi cross paths, Candi can only watch helplessly as Mark is transformed just like he was. But is Mark’s fate the same? Can Mark break the cycle that trapped Carl?

Even after Mark is being whisked around the dance floor on the arm of his male date, even after he’s kissed a man in front of cheering crowds, even after he’s been dressed up by his mother and sent out into public, Mark still has a way out from his nightmare. Can he take it? Can Carl, now Candi, help?

Or were they right about Mark from the very beginning?

Read the story of how Mark got through his school year alongside the characters and events from Blondie’s Lost Year. This book can be enjoyed by itself, or as a companion to the Blondie Series.

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Blondie He's Not


Rated "R" for sexual
situations & language.


• Disguised & In Hiding

• Salons

• Reluctant

• High School

Book. 151 pages.

• 40 illustrations in color

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