aka "Gone Girly for Good"
by James J. Craft

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Mike and Ken grew up in Montana, always dreaming of making it big as rock stars. They get a contract, move to LA and record the big hit that will make them famous.

Unfortunately, the song doesn't live up to expectations. The record company decides to end the contract. Mike and Ken are living out their last days as rock stars in Los Angeles.

But then they get news that the single is climbing the charts quickly in Japan. Eager to capitalize on it, they sign on with a Japanese label and fly to Tokyo to promote the record.

When they get there, the executives at the company are shocked to learn that Mike and Ken are the two who made the number one single in Japan. Because they had just assumed that they were... girls.

Faced with a contract they have to live up to and the prospect of fame and fortune, Mike and Ken must go along with pretending to be who they've been represented as. And then things start to get complicated.


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Big in Japan


Rated "X" for sex.


• Slow Change

• Age Regression

• Total Male to Female

• Mind Control

• Identity Loss

Book. 76 pages.

• 26 illustrations in color

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