aka “She Made Me Into My Sister”
by Joe Six Pack

Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Teens Transformed" Story

High school student Wyatt used to have this girlfriend by the name of Ashleigh. They got along great — or so he thought. But as it turned out Ashleigh had greater ambitions than just dating ordinary Wyatt. She wanted to be the most popular girl in school, just like Bailee, Wyatt's sister. In order to be that popular, she had to do date a popular guy. Enter Josh, the biggest and best football player in the state. After dating for a while, Josh gets fed up and literally dumps Ashleigh in a public spectacle and hitches up with Bailee. So begins the story.

Wyatt, still in love with Ashleigh, pledges to help her get her revenge. Funny thing is, Ashleigh's idea of revenge is to have Wyatt become Josh's new girlfriend. That way, Wyatt can trap Josh. Does that make sense? Well, love-blinded Wyatt does it anyway. A plan is hatched to entrap Josh and get incriminating evidence that will ruin his life.

As Ashleigh molds Wyatt into the sort of girl that can replace Bailee, Wyatt begins to question exactly how this plan could ever work. But his fears are pushed aside by his ever-growing need to become the girl his beloved Ashleigh wants him to be. He becomes so wrapped up in his disguise that he can't see the oncoming disaster that might backfire and destroy more than just one person's reputation.

New 2020 version with re-drawn artwork.

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A Little Too Clever


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• Hormones

• Total Male to Female

• Stuck

• Salon

• Identity theft

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