by Joe Six Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Stories of the Supernatural" Story

Downtown, there’s an ordinary costume store that looks like any other. Only this store sells costumes that have peculiar effects on those who wear them. So when Halloween comes around, this store is full of interesting stories.

This book tells four such tales: 

A man needs a costume for his company Halloween party, and is talked into going as a cheerleader. Will he lose his job and in turn, ruin his life and marriage?

A business owner is being chased by a shadowy government agency while he’s stuck in disguise as a sexy secretary. Will he find a way to outwit them? Or does he have other dangers he should be more aware of?

Losing a bet, a young man must pretend to be a flight attendant for a week. Only the person who is holding him to the bet has very specific idea of what a flight attendant should look like.

And finally, a young man and his step-mother are going to swap places for Halloween. What should be a fun time quickly turns dark when they start swapping.... everything.

Warning! May contain actual horror elements!


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A High-Heeled Halloween


Rated "X" for adult
sexual content.


• Slow Change

• Character Change

• Identity loss

• Mind Control

• Age Regression

• Race Change

Book. 128 pages.

• 34 illustrations in color

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