by KK

Color Illustrations by Fraylim

A "Teens Transformed" Story

Four boys walk into the local mall like every other day. What they don’t know is that today is going to be very different.

Like most malls, Twin Pines caters to the feminine crowd, and this day was no exception. Derek came to take photos of a catwalk modeling show. Denny came to read some comics. Nick worked at the music store. Travis had to get some stuff for the skateboard competition.

Their day would not come to an end until all four of them find themselves in heels. As their four stories interweave, what was just one weird day takes on longer, more real and far more permanent changes.

Will any of them be able to wrestle control as their lives are twisted into new feminine shapes and female forms? Is their fate punishment or salvation?

Our 10th anniversary publication!

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A Day at the Mall


Rated "PG" for language & adult situations


• Slow Change

• Shopping & Salons

• Drug Change

• Coerced Feminization

• Reluctant Transformee

Book. 109 pages.

• 25 illustrations in color

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