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A Curious Curse


Full-Color Comic Book
by Joe Six-Pack

Story & Art by Joe Six-pack

Brandyn is a seventeen year old goth kid who lives with is mother and his little sister. He has proclaimed himself the Dark Elven Lord of his suburb. One fateful day, while out in the city, his girlfriend tries to get him to steal a book for her.

Well, maybe he shouldn’t have tried to steal something from a shop that sells magical and mystical items. Because the curse placed upon him turns his world inside-out.

Innocently enough, he’s told by his mother to look after his 9-year old sister, Emmy, at soccer practice. After a little while, he’s helping out the coach. Soon, he’s lost all interest in coaching and just wants to play.

At home, he’s quickly shedding his dark outfits and following along with Emmy’s little girl games.

Then he’s breaking up with his girlfriend because she seems so mature to him all of the sudden. Maybe even maternal.

As for his mother, she’s getting demoted at work and begins to neglect her duties.

All of this might seem and odd revenge for trying to steal a book, but even odder is that no one seems to even realize what’s happening. People are changing left and right, and yet every change seems natural and normal.

And at the end, the former boy now looks up to his sister and lives happily in a rearranged family, still oblivious to the new reality around him. What kind of curse is that?

A full-length, full-color, hand-drawn, slow-transform TG comic book, with age regression!

Rated "G" for all readers.


• Slow Change

• Process Transformation

• Total Male to Female

• Identity Loss

• Age Regression

• FtF Age Progression

Comic. 27 pages.

• 112 panels in color

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