by KK

Color Illustrations by Fraylim

A “Crossed Fiction” Story

Paul had a good thing going as the fast-rising star executive at Midas Accounting. People feared him, and people loathed him. That’s the way he liked it. 

What he didn’t like was that he wasn’t making as much money as he liked. So he discovered a way to get a little extra. He deserved it for all his hard work, in his opinion.

Problem is, that’s illegal and will get him tossed in jail. A further problem is that his secret and been discovered.

Now, someone’s blackmailing him, and in the spirit of the holiday season, he’s being given a new ultimatum every day — the 12 days of Christmas, to be specific.

These aren’t your ordinary threats, either. They’re designed to humiliate him by having him dress and act like a woman. As the days go on, he becomes further and further trapped, desperate to find and stop whoever is doing this to him.

Can Paul find the blackmailer before there’s no way back for him? And why does his rival Ron act like he’s so innocent, especially as he begins to warm up to the changes coming to Paul?

It’s a tale of blackmail and feminization that’s not just for Christmas!


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12 Days of Christmas


Rated "PG" for language & adult situations


• Blackmail

• Coerced Feminization

• Reluctant Transformee

• Disguise

• Makeover 

Book. 74 pages.

• 21 illustrations in color

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