By Pink Bra


Chapter 1 - Cade and Jennifer

Cade was bored with his life. He was 23, rich beyond belief and popular with women. His money had come entirely from inheritance since both of his millionaire parents died in a boat accident. He had done everything there was to be done; he had learned 5 languages, dated supermodels and base jumped illegally off of the empire state building. Just last year, Cade had crashed one of his many red Ferraris over a cliff and almost drowned - just for the hell of it. He had become reckless and believed that he should aspire to achieve a new experience, a rush at any cost. After he awoke in the hospital, he realized he was being a very stupid young man and had decided that he needed a change, but he did not know what.

Cade was a very social individual, having only stayed home one night in the last 10 years. Though he had networked himself quite well, he kept his acquaintances at a distance that did not tread to far into his personal life. Though he enjoyed the company of others, he chose to spend his free time engrossed in study. No one knew who Cade really was. During one particular event, packed with the jet set high society crowd, he had run into a woman who he had never met. She was stunning.

She was a well dressed woman with shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, 5'8" with medium sized breasts and a perfect figure. She wore a black, strapless dress - very short, yet she somehow avoided looking like a whore. She walked with grace, elegance and spoke with wit and charm. Cade had kept an eye on her the whole evening and once he felt that he had made sufficient eye contact, he decided to finally speak with her. He had every intention of seducing her.

"Wearing a dress like that should be illegal in this country. After all, how is a man to avoid walking into walls," Cade had asked her in his silly, yet charming way.

"I dress as I please," said the young woman - "You must be Cade."

"I'm shocked you know my name, usually I'm the one with all the information."


"A pleasure, Jennifer, how about coming for a drive - you can explain how you knew me."

"I would love to - yours is the red Testarossa I hope."

"I love women who know their trashy Italian sports cars. May I," Cade asked as he held out his hand. Jennifer grabbed onto arm as Cade lead her to the lobby.

Cade was careful not to drive as recklessly as he usually does when alone. He parked his car in a secluded spot with a nice view of the capital city and began to talk with the beautiful Jennifer. They found they had a lot in common. They loved the same kind of cars, people and books and even shared an interest in the same sports. Just as Cade was confident he could score with Jennifer, she suddenly shifted the topic.

Jennifer told Cade that she could help him. That she knew of his kind, how he was bored with life and wanted a change. Jennifer told Cade that what he was doing to himself by recklessly putting his life into danger could be cured - by becoming a beautiful woman. Jennifer suddenly revealed to Cade that she was not always Jennifer, but was once named George.

Jennifer had described how she was in the same situation as Cade 3 years ago. She had been a 19 year old rich kid with every advantage in the world, but had also become bored with life. She wanted a new challenge and that was when she had met Dr. Clarissa, who had convinced George that she could make him interested in life again - by changing his gender. When Cade had asked smartly if it was some kind of potion, or magic, George cum Jennifer laughed it off, but corrected him, stating that her result was achieved with the best plastic surgery money could buy. Jennifer described to Cade how at first, she found the idea ridiculous, but when Jennifer was George, he was always a risk taker and decided to go along with Clarissa anyways, feeling that he would love to see how women lived. How many people could see how the other half lives anyways?

At this point, Cade was in total disbelief. As he watched Jennifer cross her perfect, nyloned legs, catching a glimpse of the top of her garters, he just could not believe it. How could Jennifer, an almost perfect woman, showing off her perfect breasts, porcelain skin and thick, beautiful hair, have ever been a born a man? Cade thought she was merely insane, but since he was slightly drunk and had become so excited by her beauty, decided to lean into her and kiss her perfect lips. After all, he had fooled around with crazies before. Jennifer, decided to follow his lead - she was after all instructed to obtain Cade as a customer under any circumstance.

One thing lead to another and Jennifer had been completely undressed down to her panties, stockings and heels. She had pulled-off Cade and swallowed every last drop of cum, though she hated doing it - She had been instructed by Clarissa to do so for all of her potential new clients. Once they had finished fooling around, Cade began to ask Jennifer about the strange things he had told her and wanted to know if it was just a stupid joke. Finally, Jennifer had removed her panties. She reached down, removed the small piece of tape and daintily lifted up her smallish penis with her perfectly manicured hands. Cade was in total disbelief, but at the same time, incredibly intrigued. One half of him was worried that he had been pulled off by a shemale, but the other wanted to know more.

An hour later, Cade had pulled up into his driveway. He opened the door for beautiful Jennifer, once again admiring her perfect, nyloned legs and wonderful breasts. This woman-once-man had made Cade think. Could the answer to all his troubles be becoming a beautiful woman?

Once inside his lonely 40 bedroom mansion, Cade immediate asked Jennifer to strip down to her underwear and model her body for him. Jennifer did so, once again removing her dress, but leaving on her black, strapless, lacy brassiere, garter belt, black bikini cut panties and silk nylons. She was about to step out of her black pumps, but Cade stopped her, requesting that she stay in them. Cade asked her to turn around, so he could admire the mysterious Clarissa's work.

"How long did it take you to become such a fine specimen of a woman," asked Cade bluntly.

Jennifer, looking absolutely perfect in her sexiest underwear, began to cry. "You really think I'm that beautiful? This is actually my first week out as a complete woman - well, minus the penis, we still have not decided what to do with that. I'm not sure if I want to keep it or not, because the procedures can still be reversible if I do not have it removed. I like being a women, more than I every imagined, but at this point, I like having the options. It took me a lot longer the average guy to get to womanhood under Clarissa's programme. It is such a relief to know the work is appreciated."

Jennifer cleared the tears from her eyes and continued, "Sorry about the tears, I guess it is all the hormones. Women can sometimes be very emotional. Anyways, it took almost three years to get to this point. At first, it was very hard. For the first two years, I lived as a man in Clarissa's moderate supervision. She and 2 other young women began by giving me a complete physical and deciding if I was an ideal candidate. Even though it is a very expensive procedure, she considers her patients as her own art and would like them to meet certain standards. Though some of her patients come to her, most are scouted out by her employees. She mostly chooses who she wants to turn. That is why I am Jennifer today. She knew I was wealthy and without any family and lived a reckless lifestyle and wanted to turn me into a woman. She almost seemed turned on by it - I really could not tell. Can I sit down?"

"Sure," said Cade kindly.

Jennifer, ever the perfect vision of beauty walked a few steps to the piano and sat her perfect behind down on the bench, crossing her legs seductively, almost as reflex. "At first, I could not believe what she was saying, but she began by showing me a record of her past accomplishments. Like you, I was intrigued and as I said earlier, I jumped right in. The hormone treatments lasted two years. I was lived my life as I chose, nothing was forced.

Eventually, the effects started to become noticeable, I became reclusive and Clarissa offered that I should stay in her German complex - The location is quite beautiful. After the two years of hormones, I had grown breasts that I needed to bind and my bottom has become larger. My skin was becoming softer and I had grown my naturally wavy hair to my shoulders. Clarissa, of course, was pleased by the result. It was then that she dressed me very modestly in a plain white brassier and panties and a simple white skirt and top. Even without any real effort, I had looked like an average young woman. It was shocking, but you get used to it. Clarissa's aides had taught me how to apply makeup, do my hair, walk, talk, everything. They trained me to be a woman - to appear as if I had been born this way.

Of course, there was another year of surgery and recovery. They had started by altering my face so that I would appear nothing like I used to. They had made it truly feminine, as you can see, changing my nose, cheeks and lips in a big way. My breasts had come next. Though they had grown with the hormones, they had to be surgically augmented to be slightly larger and appear more natural. I had chosen to have a C-cup breast size. Of course, the most painful procedure was the most uncommon. Though my frame was already slight, Clarissa's surgical techniques had allowed them to narrow my shoulders and widen my hip bones. That kind of surgery takes time to recover from but as you can see the final result is spectacular. Mmmm, when I wear a gown, the way my shoulders and breasts look is spectacular. Its almost a miracle."

"It truly is, I honestly wish you were a real woman, I would make love to you over and over," said Cade playfully.

"We still..." - said Jennifer, trying to fulfill her obligations to Clarissa to do whatever it took to obtain Cade as a client.

"No, I can't, but I want you to stay with me for a short while, so I can learn more about you. I admit, I am intrigued by this procedure you have undertaken. Stay with me, Jennifer, for one week and then I will make my decision. It is obvious Clarissa wants my business, but I want to observe you."

"Sure, but I have no clothes to wear," said Jennifer softly.

"Let's not be glib, Jennifer. Clarissa would not have sent you here if she had not have known I was a cross dresser myself. I have an extensive wardrobe you can enjoy. Don't tell me you weren't a cross dresser before this Clarissa woman came to you?"

"Yes, actually, I was, but I only ever got a kick out of wearing my girlfriend's underwear. I guess the word gets around when you are young, handsome and rich," Said Jennifer.

"I enjoy it very much myself. Honestly, I think I look silly in the clothes myself, but I do also enjoy the company of some of the worlds most beautiful shemales and transsexuals," Cade said, almost embarrassingly.

The next day, Jennifer had awoken to racks and piles of the most expensive and trendy women's clothing. Naked, Jennifer walked to the racks of lingerie while covering her petite manhood. Suddenly, Cade had walked in.

"Can I observe you," asked Cade.

"You may, Cade," said Jennifer as she reached for a pair of low rise black lace panties. As Jennifer reached for the pair of panties, she had felt very excited. One of best discoveries of becoming a woman was how happy and sensual she felt as she completely dressed. As she bent over and stepped into the panties, she winked at Cade. She pulled them up mid-thigh, adjusted her penis with her left hand and then pulled the panties tightly to her body. Though you could still tell something was off down there, you would not unless some one had told you. Jennifer proceeded with a pair of black stockings, sliding them slowly up her smooth legs. She seemed to admire the effect, drifting off into a dreamy state as she did so. Next, she properly placed the garter belt around her waist and attached all of the clips to the lacey top of her darling stockings. Jennifer then grabbed a little, black, matching bra, ran her arms through the straps, placed the cups over her wonderful bosom and connect the hook in the back in one seemingly effortless motion. Jennifer was an expert at being a woman.

"I must say, I derive no greater pleasure than watching any kind of young woman dress and you appeared like you were born one. Minus your extra appendage, I'd have sworn you were a woman merely born with a penis. Tell me, do you truly like being a woman or you just in love with the clothes?"

"More than anything - It consumes me and I can not get enough of it. I do love the clothes, but I think it is more than that. It is not for everyone, though, but I think you may get a kick out of it," Jennifer confessed, but she was kidding herself. She knew it was all about the clothes, but she could not help herself for some reason...

"We'll see," said Cade curiously.

Jennifer, once an incredibly intelligent young man with potential, had been reduced to a woman who cared for nothing more than her own beauty and clothes. With each new outfit she tried on, she seemed to fall deeper and deeper into a trance. Though she seemed almost mindless, she occasionally caught herself drifting away and tried to regain what was left of her old personality. She knew she was George somewhere deep inside, but it seemed less important with she looked at herself in the mirror, dressed in the most deliciously perfect lingerie money could buy. She was very happy.

Chapter 2 - Stephanie

Stephanie, who was once Robert, had just awoken from one of her many surgeries with Clarissa. Robert was as reckless as any young man Clarissa catered to. At the age of 15 Robert, was wooed by Clarissa's services and had become a perfect beauty as Stephanie by age 17. One day, when Stephanie was deciding what dress to wear for her 17th birthday party, she had spontaneously decided that she was sick of having to hide her penis. As she looked in the mirror, she admired how her white brassier cradled her perfect 34C breasts, how her nylons seemed to enhance her long legs and how her large green eyes made her red hair seem unworldly. At this very moment, some more of Robert had been lost and replaced by Stephanie. Though somewhere deep down Robert knew he could come back if he wanted to, the image of the perfect, young, teenage Stephanie took over and Robert was pushed far away. Stephanie finally snapped into a bizarre version of her own imagined womanhood.

As she looked at her crotch, she could not help but feel it was imperfect. She did not want to have a vagina for the sole purposes of intercourse, but to make her panties fit better, that was first and foremost. It had become quite uncomfortable and she decided it was a nuisance. That very night, she flew from Sweden to Germany and demanded that Clarissa operate and give her a vagina. Of course, Clarissa could not do it that night, but she had asked Stephanie to stay with her, celebrate her 17th at her complex and they could have her operated on within the week.

When Stephanie was Robert, she was reckless and after the years of hormones, she had become a bitchy little tart. Clarissa knew how to deal with her though. She felt kind of bad for Stephanie anyways, losing her parents at a young age and being raised by an old aunt until he was 15. In his aunt's care, young Robert was introduced to the pleasures of girl's clothing and spent most of his youth in skirts and training bras.

Clarissa had contacts worldwide and kept an eye on rich, lonely young men. Robert was an almost perfect candidate. Clarissa did not have too much trouble transforming Robert into Stephanie. It had been two weeks since Clarissa had performed the final operation on Stephanie, but she had decided to let her rest and heal by keeping her under. Clarissa knew Stephanie loved to try on 12 different outfits in a day and wanted her to be able to do so when she woke up. When Stephanie did wake up, she groggily walked to the mirror. To her surprise and pleasure, Clarissa had already started her off and dressed her in the cutest, pink bra and panty. Stephanie grabbed her new, feminine mound and admired the newfound freedom. She could now dress without discomfort or risk of her former penis falling into view.

Stephanie loved short skirts, so the first thing she grabbed was a short denim skirt. After she bent over to pick up a pink tank top from her guest room closet, a fly on the wall would notice how the bottom of her ass cheeks spilled from her skirt. She easily threw on her tank top, adjusted her breasts and sat in front of her vanity. Clarissa had prepared all of Stephanie's favorite cosmetics. After Stephanie made her face she slipped on her knee-high white, high heeled boots and admired herself in the mirror. At 5'6," 34-24-34, red curls down to her bottom and the most lovely green eyes money could buy; she suddenly could not take it any longer. She had plunged her hand down her pink panties and began to pleasure herself. Though she could never derive the same pleasure as a real woman, the mere act of her mimicking one was more than enough to drive her wild. Stephanie's hand was not enough. She looked around the room and eventually found a petite pink dildo in her drawer. Clarissa had considered Stephanie's curiosity and placed it there.

For the nest 2 hours, Stephanie pleasured herself while thinking of her endless wardrobe and perfect figure. Truly, Robert was now gone forever - Stephanie had taken over. She always knew she could go back, but she had become so self absorbed with her own beauty, she forgot she even ever was a boy named Robert. She had decided to commit her time to furthering the cause of Clarissa. Later that day Stephanie had asked if she could join Clarissa's team.

Chapter 3

Cade spent most of the week watching Jennifer, the most perfect women he had every met, dress and undress into various expensive outfits. For the most part, Cade had asked Jennifer if she could spend most of her time at his estate dressed merely in slinky lingerie. Cade had become bored with his life. Was it possible he could become bored with his manhood? Watching Jennifer endlessly dress in and out of various outfits as a beautiful women seemed to make her very happy. Could this simple lifestyle be what was right for him? Admittedly, Cade was always curious about the other side. How many could live as both sexes, after all? Finally, Cade, as reckless as young Jennifer had been when she was George, had decided to simply go for it. Going at his rate, he would have killed himself sooner or later, doing hell knows what. After all, he never felt he would go the whole way and remove his penis, so reversal was always an option. When he told Jennifer he would go for it, she broke down in happy girly tears.

"You are going to be so happy when you make the change, trust me," perky Jennifer screamed as she walked towards Cade in her tight blue teddy.

Never one for delay, Cade booked his private jet for a trip to Germany immediately. As he sat beside Jennifer in the plane, he admired her as she was wearing a tight leather skirt with a white blouse. The blouse was open up to the bottom of her lacy white brassier, exposing the tops of her creamy white bosom. As she glanced back at Cade, she crossed her nyloned legs seductively. Cade, realizing this may be his last night as a real man decided to have a little more fun with Jennifer before they would become girlfriends. The thought of becoming a woman as beautiful as Jennifer suddenly excited him and he slowly lead her to his luxurious on-plane king size bed and made love to her.

The next day, Cade would begin the long process of becoming a woman.

Chapter 4

Cade, noticeably nervous, was lead down the main hallway of Clarissa's German sex change complex. Jennifer lead him to his own personal bedroom - plainly decorated but still quite comfortable. Jennifer left the room, giving Cade one last kiss on the check - a motherly gesture. A few minutes later, Clarissa entered with one of her assistants. She was about 5'7" tall with a perfect figure and the face of a model. Though Cade knew she had to have been in her 40s, he could not believe how stunning she was. Like Jennifer, she carried herself very well and was a picture of femininity.

"Hello, Cade, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. As you are well aware, I've been watching you and I am glad to finally have your business. Now - "

"Are you one too," asked Cade.

"One what? You mean a man like Jennifer? Of course not, I had my penis removed years ago. Of course, I am a true transsexual - I, like young Jennifer for instance, do not get off on my feminine attire. My clients, are merely fetishists, such as yourself. Of course, I do not take anyone into my programme without them meeting a certain criteria, physically that is. Were you born a large man, I would not have accepted you. You are of lower than average build with little muscle mass and facial features I can easily alter to the realm of complete femininity. You will provide an excellent frame, Cade."

"So, why do you do this," asked Cade.

"Like you, I am rich, Cade and ever since youth I have been obsessed with becoming a woman. I hated maledom and only wanted to be a woman. I won't bore you with my life story but know that once I made the successful transition from boy to the beautiful woman you see today, I decided to devote my life to the field of plastic surgery. My technique became world renown. Soon, every transsexual with money in the world came to me. I became bored with them. Most were unworthy palettes for my skill. So I decided to alter only those who it would best apply to. And for some reason, I got a kick out of seeing it done to people who were only in it for laughs. Do not think I take my job lightly, I do not, but 'girls' like Jennifer interest the hell out of me. Who knew there was a market in it? Seems absurd, but I do have you sitting in front of me today, waiting for me to transform you, don't I?"

Cade was speechless. Clarissa sat in her chair, crossed her legs and placed her pen on the edge of her lip. Her long eyelashes batted a few times as she considered the potential for young Cade.

"You will make a fine subject. I will begin procedures. You will be given a heavy hormone prescription and I have you scheduled for surgery a year from today. I will see you then. You are free to come and go in my complex as you please. As I am very busy I can only see you if it is an absolute emergency. You are a lucky man; you will make a lovely woman. Prepare yourself."

In his mind, Cade had now committed himself to it all. As he lay in his personal bedroom in the sex change complex, he wondered what it would be like to be as beautiful as Jennifer. He considered the way he pampered his various lady friends and wondered how he would feel on the other end of it. Women did seem to enjoy many benefits, thought Cade. As Cade fell asleep, he thought of Jennifer - who was once George.

When he awoke the next morning, Clarissa's lovely assistant Stephanie walked in and had placed a tray in front of Cade. On the tray were a syringe and a bottle of Clarissa's own hyper feminizing hormones, targeted especially for Cade's physiology. As Stephanie prepared the shot for Cade, she considered him as a potential mate. Though Stephanie had no interest in men or women as sexual partners, she was curious how it would feel to have some one enter inside of her new vagina. Wearing a short white, canvas skirt and a tight pink T-shirt, Stephanie was a walking, teen bombshell.

"My, my, aren't we a lovely young woman," said Cade, half laughing, knowing what Stephanie was, while at the same time, in disbelief of the fact.

"I just turned 17, a few weeks ago. Not quite a woman yet, but I am a girl where it counts the most. Do you like my little outfit," asked Stephanie seductively.

"Yes, I do actually," said Cade has he caressed her left arm. Cade gave little Stephanie a serious stare. Stephanie placed the syringe down on the tray and followed Cade's lead. She felt that now was as good a time as any and submitted to Cade, as she felt any real woman would. As Stephanie straddled Cade, her skirt rode up exposing her pink panties. Cade helped her off with her T-shirt and was soon pawing her pink- brassier covered breasts. As Cade entered into Stephanie's new vagina, he pondered on how this lovely young specimen had been a boy likely only a few years earlier and was now a beautiful whore - one of the most lovely young women he has ever had the pleasure of making love to. Stephanie derived no physical pleasure from this. She could not, of course. The only pleasure she could derive was the mental knowledge that she had become the perfect emulation of a very beautiful young woman. Cade came quickly and Stephanie removed herself from him, straightened herself and proceeded with the injection.

Stephanie gave Cade a jar of hormone pills and instructed him on when to take them. Clarissa will have some more delivered to his home, instructed Stephanie. "The injection," explained Stephanie, "will immediately begin to render your penis useless and the pills will begin the hormonal transformation. Just think, in a few years, we can go shopping together! Anyways, it was nice; I hope you enjoyed yourself with my perfect, little body. I am glad to know I can give men erections. That's all I wanted to know, anyways."

As Stephanie walked off she thought only of lingerie and clothes and makeup. Cade packed his things, took his pills and glanced into the closet. He noticed a full wardrobe was in there. He decided to satiate a curiosity and try on some of the clothes. They were not as good as his collection, but he tried them anyways. He put on a bra, panty, skirt and top - he looked very silly. He figured that would come in due time, removed the awkward looking clothes from his body and left for his mansion.

Chapter 5

It had been 6 months since Cade has begun his procedure with Clarissa. The hormone pills had begun to show their effects. He had a small bosom, his penis had become flaccid and his skin and hair were decidedly more feminine. At this stage he appeared androgynous. He had decided to become exclusively reclusive and fired all of his staff in the mansion save for a few essential employees, such as his pilot and his driver, who he barely ever saw anyways. Cade had begun to alter his clothing choices as well. He wore baggy clothes to hide his feminine physique. He had chosen not to indulge in women's clothing until after his surgery with Clarissa. Cade had even begun to consider a girl's name for himself but could not decide. He was starting to like the way Tiffany sounded but then again, Heather sounded good too. He wanted a sexy sounding name. He had decided he wanted to be as feminine and beautiful as Jennifer and Stephanie, after all.

Chapter 6

One year has passed. Cade stepped off of his plane, heavily dressed in baggy clothes and into the sex change complex in Germany. He entered his room, sat down on the bed of his gender neutral luxury room and decided to rest in order to prepare for Clarissa's physical inspection and the surgery that would immediately follow.

"Ah, Cade, it is good to see you again. Please, stand up and remove those oafish men's clothes you have yourself swathed in. You are about to complete your journey into partial mock-womanhood! Let me see what my new and improved hormone pills have done," said Clarissa as she burst into Cade's room.

Cade removed his overcoat and sweats, revealing the figure of a woman. Cade had swollen and changed in all the right placed. His bosom had grown to what Clarissa could only assume was a B cup, his bottom and hips expanded, his waist slimmed somewhat and his skin and hair were lovely. In Cade, Clarissa had developed a lovely new palette and had complimented Cade.

"Lovely, just lovely, Cade - er, can I still call you that, Cade," asked Clarissa.

"Cade is fine. I still have not decided on a girl's name," said Cade sheepishly.

"No worries, young Cade, most of my girls are so inspired by the final product when they look at themselves in the mirror, they think of a girls name immediately. Now, let us get you prepared for surgery. I was worried, I did not think my new hormones would work this fast on a 23 year old man, but it seems a success. You are very lucky, young man," said Clarissa as she caressed Cade and motherly hugged him.

Clarissa's breasts pressed up against Cade B cup breasts. The feeling was electric. His jiggling, bare breasts, touching the clothed breasts of Clarissa's. His breasts were so sensitive; he could almost tell what kind of bra she was wearing. Clarissa instructed two of her surgical assistants - Stacey, who was once Stephen and Carrie who was once Arnold - to sedate young Cade and place him into a wheelchair. She would begin surgery immediately.

Chapter 7

It has been 2 weeks since the surgeries and Cade was recovering well. His face, hips, shoulders and legs were operated on. Clarissa had seen to it that Cade was given proper women's proportions. There would be no doubt that Cade was nothing but woman. All that was left of Cade's masculinity as a flaccid penis, which had not been able to function since a day after Stephanie injected him with Clarissa's chemicals.

Cade had made a conscious decision to not peek in the mirror until he had healed completely. Luckily, Cade was young, healthy and genetically gifted. He was healed within a month. The bandages were removed and he was prepared to take a look at himself in the full-length mirror in his room. Wearing a pair of white, lacy panties with a matching brassier to cover his 34D breasts, Cade looked into the mirror and was completely speechless. The vision reflected was that of absolutely beauty. His face was like an angel and his straight, shoulder length dark brown hair framed it perfectly. His shoulders were nice and small, he followed the bra strap down to his well cradled bosom. His eyes followed his perfectly tapered 24" waist down to his wonderful 36 inch hips to his white-pantied crotch. Had it not been for the fact that he had not tucked himself properly, he would have sworn he was looking at another woman.

After 5 minutes of staring and sensually feeling, the only word Cade could mutter to himself was "Tiffany." Tiffany loved the way her voice sounded. Clarissa had seen to it that it sounded like a teenage girl's. Tiffany adjusted her underwear as to more carefully obscure her penis. She then grabbed a pair of stockings with big white bows on the tops and rolled them up her legs. She sat down and practiced crossing them seductively like she had seen Jennifer do a year earlier. Suddenly, Jennifer walked in.

"Hey, Cade! Congratulations, girlfriend," screamed Jennifer. She was holding a box in her hands.

"Call me Tiffany," tears rolling down her eyes.

Jennifer could not believe how well Cade cum Tiffany had turned out. Before each of them knew it they were in embrace and had begun to kiss passionately.

Tiffany and Jennifer had fallen to the floor and began to grope each other in a feminine manner. Jennifer was playing with Tiffany's breast over her pretty brassier and Tiffany had reached for Jennifer's crotch to play with her tiny penis but he had noticed it had disappeared. Tiffany stopped suddenly and asked Jennifer why she had the operation.

"Wait," said Tiffany breathlessly, "I though you were not sure you wanted to go all the way?"

"I changed my mind, Ca-Tiffany. What's the big deal? It is just a piece of skin. My clothes fit so much nicer now anyways. That is the most important thing, right," giggled Jennifer mindlessly.

Tiffany almost snapped back to her Cade persona but Jennifer opened up the little box she was carrying and took out a present for Tiffany.

"Here I brought you a gift," said Jennifer as she pulled out a little pink bikini, "Let's go swimming!"

"Mmmm, that is the cutest thing ever. Oh, I must try it on now," said Tiffany, as Cade had been temporarily suppressed for the sake of the little pink bikini that tied on the sides.

Tiffany would worry about Jennifer's decision to remove her penis later. After all, Tiffany felt she had a hold on her situation anyways. Maybe Jennifer knew what she wanted for herself. Tiffany removed her underwear and put on the bikini. She rubbed her hands all over her body and moaned with delight. She looked just like a woman and she loved it.

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