Just Girl-Friends, Best Girl-Friends Continued

by Pink Bra

Chapter 4

Charlie cupped his very small, budding breasts. They may have been small, but to Charlie, they were absolutely huge.

"Are these...breasts?" Charlie muttered to himself as he felt himself up. He hadn't had any experience with touching real breasts, so he had no point of reference. Charlie did not know what to do. Suddenly, Stacey, sensing trouble, knocked at the door.

"Charlie, you're awfully quiet in there. Are you okay?"

Charlie knew that if he could trust one person in the world, it was Stacey. He took a deep breath, opened the door and crossed his arms around his chest.

"What is it, Charlie?"

Charlie opened his arms and showed Stacey his chest. Stacey knew immediately what it was, even before he showed her. Tears ran down Charlie's face as he reached out to Stacey. As they embraced, Stacy consoled Charlie.

"Whatever is wrong with out, we'll work through it, sweetie."

"I don't know what's happening to me, Stacey. Am I being punished for dressing like a girl? Am I turning into a girl?"

"People don't turn into girls, Charlie - I'm sure we can figure this out. I'll take care of you, okay?"

Charlie couldn't stop crying. The hormones had obviously taken a serious effect on his emotions. Stacey couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth of the situation at that very moment. She needed time to stall. She felt that Charlie had been starting to take well to the world of womanhood and she didn't want to give him another shock. Stacey then came up with an idea. She would take Charlie to her doctor friend who had been supplying her with the hormones. His name was Michael, and Stacey has known him for quite a while. Stacey had traded sexual favors for the pills and injections in the past.

"Charlie, I'm going to take you to the doctor, okay? He's a friend of mine, so you don't need to worry, alright?"

"I don't know, Stacey. He'll think I'm some kind of freak, won't he? How do I explain these breasts?"

"You won't have to, that's why I'm taking you to him. He'll help you. I want you to relax, Charlie, so while I call him and set up an appointment, you should go lay down."

It was all happening to fast for Charlie. As he went to lie down in his bedroom, Stacey went to go find her cell phone so she could call her friend, Trevor, the doctor. Trevor was a gynecologist who Stacey had met as a teen-ager. He was a young man who Stacey found very attractive. One thing lead to another and the two began to have an intermittent affair. Though he was young, he was married and Stacey knew she could never get involved seriously with him. Regardless, the two formed a strangely intimate relationship over the years.

Stacey found his number in her cell and made the call.

"Hello, Trevor? It's me, Stacey."

"Something tells me something is wrong with your little queer friend, Stacey," guessed Trevor, as he listened to Stacey's panicked voice.

"He's not queer, don't be an asshole!"

"I don't have to help you, Stacey."

"Okay, sorry, whatever. Listen, he's started to notice the change, but I'm not ready to tell him yet. I need your help!"

"This whole thing is too weird. I think I'm in as deep as I need to be, Stacey. This is dangerous. This kid could end up suing me."

"If you can help me now, we can avoid a lawsuit, okay?"

"I don't know."

"Fine - I'll do that thing you like."

"You mean THAT thing?"

"Yes, whatever it takes, please help!"

"Alright, I'll do it, Stacey, you fox."

"Be serous, Trevor!"

"Just be here at one o'clock"

"Thanks, Trevor," sighed Stacey as she went to go check on Charlie. As she walked into his room, she stepped past the shopping bags and remembered how much fun Charlie was having yesterday. She was so proud of herself - she was doing something right for Charlie. As Charlie lie there, Stacey sat on the side of his bed and gently swiped the bangs from his face. There was the residue of teardrops on his cheeks and she noticed Charlie had fell asleep with his arms around his chest.

"Much too pretty for a boy," Stacey murmured to herself.

"Did you say something," asked Charlie, as he woke from his short nap.

"Nothing important - how are you feeling?"

"I'm scared, Stacey - and my chest hurts and I had the weirdest dream - I dreamt I was a beautiful woman with large breasts."

"How did if feel?"

"Weird - I was wearing that bikini you made me try on and buy, except I had long hair and I was filling it out. And when I went to feel my, you know, it was gone. I could feel the weight of my boobs, and I could almost smell the makeup. One thing scared me the most - I kind of liked it."

"Don't worry - it was only a dream. I'm going to make sure you're well taken care of, Charlie - I made a call."

"You didn't call my mom. I don't want her to know!"

"Nope, I called my doctor friend. He'll get you fixed up. But for now, lets take care of that sore chest." Stacey went back to her room and came back with what looked like a sports bra to Charlie's eyes.

"What's that for?"

"It's my old training bra from when I was becoming a woman, Charlie. I figured since it helped my sore breasts feel better when I was young, it could do the same for you."

"I'm not a girl, Stacey," sobbed Charlie.

"No, no, of course not - but I didn't think you would mind wearing this - until the doctor can give you something better to use, like a cream or some bandages. It's only temporary," said Stacey. But she was lying. She had secretly purchased this for Charlie and had been waiting for the time to give it to him.

"All right, if it will help. I trust you, Stacey."

"Okay, then, lift up your arms, I'll help you put it on," said Stacey and she carefully wrapped it around Charlie's bosoms. She knew how sore it could be and was sure to be as gentle as possible. She clipped it in the back and smoothed out the straps.

"Thank-you, Stacey," said Charlie awkwardly. He was relieved to have something supporting his small swellings, but at the same time, he felt kind of strange.

"You look fine, Charlie - now get dressed, we have a doctor's appointment."

Stacey left the room as Charlie rummaged around for a clean pair of accident. He had a little accident in the pair he had been wearing earlier after being shocked in the mirror. Charlie looked around, but could find no fresh underwear. Charlie was not the sort of person to go commando and he refused to wear the same pair twice, so he knew the only solutions was to look through the bags he accumulated.

"Oh well," mumbled Charlie to himself, "I guess I'll get some kind of use out of all of these girl clothes," as he grabbed a pair of panties from one of his bags. He slipped them on, but noticed his bulge looked silly. He reached down and tucked his penis under and then pulled the panties back up. He admired the smooth look he had, but felt it still didn't look quite right. Charlie noticed that Stacey had left the surgical tape on his dresser (it was no accident) and proceeded to tape his penis back as to best resemble the result Stacey achieved yesterday. Satisfied, he was about to pull his panties back up when he noticed a box of maxi pads out of the corner of his eye. Of course, Stacey had left those their "accidentally" as well. Charlie took one out of the box, unwrapped it and applied it to his panties. He pulled them back up and admired himself in the mirror.

Charlie couldn't explain to himself why he needed the tape and the pad, but he figured he would worry about it later. He went into his closet to grab a pair of jeans and a t shirt, but then the bags on his floor caught the corner of his eye.

"Wow, Stacey did buy me a lot of clothes yesterday - it would be a shame to let them go to waste - Wait, what am I thinking, those are girls clothes," Charlie whispered to himself as he reached for the bags. Something strange was happening in his head, and he couldn't quite figure it out. Something in his head just seemed to snap - and he needed to wear the clothes Stacey bought for him. The first thing he reached for was the nice skirt she picked out for him. He grabbed a white top that he thought would match and laid them out on his bed. The next thing he knew, he was wearing them and rolling a pair of knee socks up his legs. Charlie once again glanced at the mirror and feeling satisfied, sat down and put on the pair of black leather shoes Stacey had also purchased for him. Something wasn't quite right here. So Charlie reached into another bag and pulled out some makeup and began to put that on.

"All done," Charlie said as he smacked his lips and rolled the tube of icy pink lipstick down. He finally touched up his hair, which had miraculously held since last night, making it more sleek. Charlie stepped up and admired the effect in the mirror. For a moment, everything seemed right.

Suddenly, Stacey walked in.

"Charlie, we should get goi - uh, Charlie?"

"What's wrong?"

"You're dressed up like a girl."

"Yeah, so are you."

"But, Charlie, is this some kind of joke?"

Suddenly, Charlie began to cry again.

"Stacey, I - I don't know what's wrong with me. One minute I wake up with boobs and the next I have the uncontrollable urge to try on girl's clothes!"

"That's okay - here, let me help you change," said Stacey as she noticed the maxi pad wrapper on the floor, "are you wearing a," and before she could even finish.

"Yes, I put it on - it feels good," sobbed Charlie.

"It's okay, let's get some jeans on you and head out."

"N-no. I'm okay like this."

"Are you sure," asked Stacey, somewhat pleased at Charlie's progression, but at the same time shocked by it. It was happening a bit to fast for the both of them.

"Yes, let's go. I want to see the doctor and maybe get some answers, maybe a cure for all of this. I'm telling you Stacey, either someone is playing a weird trick on me, or god is punishing me," said Charlie as she sat down to check her makeup. She then smoothed her hands over her top and skirt.

"It's probably nothing, Charlie, let's go."

"Okay - how does my, er, private area look," said Charlie as she lifted her skirt for Stacey to inspect.

"Good as new, Charlie, good as new," said Stacey with a chocked back sob.

Charlie and Stacey drove to the hospital where her friend Trevor worked and barely made it on time. Trevor did not seem too shocked to be introduced to Charlie, the young man in the dress and admitted him into his check-up area. Stacey waited patiently in his office for Trevor to return.

Finally, after what seemed like hours to Stacey, Trevor emerged from the room with his clip-board in hand.


"Well, he seemed to be responding well to the medication I gave you."

"Did you tell him anything?"

"No, of course not. Why are you so worried, anyways, it seems to be going your way - I check his samples and he seems well on his way to artificial womanhood. You should eventually tell him though."

"Something seems wrong, Trevor. He told me he couldn't help putting on those clothes this morning. It was a night and day transition. Are the drugs meant to work that fast on him? I though they only affected his body?"

"Well, there is something I need to tell you. The form of female hormone therapy your friend is on is experimental. Tests on humans proved similar to regular therapy, only with faster result. There were tests done on lab rats, though, which showed male rats not only becoming feminine in look, but in behaviour as well. It is unprecedented, actually. I didn't think the results would transfer over to humans."

"If they were experimental, why did you give them to Charlie?"

"You gave them to Charlie."

"You know what I mean!"

"Well, human tests were favourable at the time, and you wanted quick results. If you're worried about him, we can reverse the therapy - at this point it is reversible. If we go any further, his testicles will be irrevocably damaged - as will his mind. I suspect if we continue, your friend will become increasingly feminine. He'll need surgery eventually. Can't have him walking around with a penis. So?"

"He's a girl, Trevor! A Girl! I need to help him," said Stacey as she sobbed. She began to have doubts again, but she felt she needed to do this for Charlie.

"Are you absolutely sure, Stacey?"

"Yes, I am - did you see how beautiful he looked? What man needs to live a life as girly as that? I'm helping him."

"Very well - here are some more hormones. And remember, we have a meeting this Sunday. Wear that thing I like," said Trevor strongly. He placed the hormones on Stacey's lap and left for his next patient. Stacey left his office and found Charlie in the waiting room, sitting cross legged, checking his makeup.

"What did he say, Stacey? Can he fix me? What is that in your hand?"

"These pills are going to help you, Charlie - you have a hormonal imbalance and if you take these pills and have some injections, you will be cured of your problem," said Stacey.

"Good! Thank-you, Stacey. I feel so strange wearing these clothes. I just don't know what came over me! I'm going to go home, take those pills and be a man again," said Charlie proudly. A surge of guilt had taken over Stacey. She began to have doubts, but she was never one to do things halfway. On the car ride home, the light caught Charlie's face just right and Stacey knew that Charlie was only confused, and these pills were going to help her.

A few months had passed since that visit to the doctor Trevor. Stacey had been diligent in giving Charlie her hormones, and Charlie become somewhat of a recluse. Stacey barely saw him anymore and she wondered if he suspected her and was avoiding her. Fact of the matter was that Charlie, though embarrassed by his feminine inclinations, had decided to keep them subdued. Unfortunately, what he thought was the cure for his problem, was only making them worse. He became more and more womanly, yet he chose not to express that, fearing persecution, even from Stacey. Charlie knew it was silly to keep it from Stacey, but he did. In his room, he continued to dress up like the woman he felt he was. He grew his hair out and once went to the salon to get some bangs cut. He practiced his make-up, and was getting pretty good at it too. Charlie noticed his parts were not working as well as they used to, but he ignored it - it made it easier to tape down.

Charlie continued to go to school and his grades remained reasonably high. He would wear a baseball cap, and baggy clothes so no one would notice him - and no one did. One day, he drove out of town to go to a drug store to get some feminine odds and ends and while he was performing his silly habit of getting the useless maxi-pads, he saw a box of tampons, and began to think about their use. What they were for, and how they were inserted. He knew that he could never use them. As he walked through the rest of the mall, he walked by a lingerie store and noticed a set of pink bra and panties he had to have. Without thinking about it, he went in, found his size, estimated his bust and purchased the set. The saleslady only saw a baggily dressed, but pretty girl. At this point, the drugs had taken such an effect on Charlie, he didn't even notice he was a man sometimes. Charlie rushed home to try on his new underwear.

Stacey got home a few minutes after Charlie. She saw his shoes on the floor and knew he was home. Stacey didn't talk much to Charlie. He was injecting his own hormones and taking his own pills - she saw him do it on many occasion. Stacey walked by his room and noticed the door was ajar. She could hear him rustling around with something, so she knocked on the door to check on him. She was shocked to see Charlie, with his breasts nicely developing, wearing a pair of pink panties and about to put on a pink bra.

"Oh, hi," said Charlie, somewhat surprised, "I guess the secret is out."

Stacey gasped.


"I'm sorry, Stacey, I can't help it. It feels right. If you don't like it, I can stop. I've been taking my pills, but, well," said Charlie as he began to put the bra down.

"No, its okay - I mean, you're so beautiful, Charlie! Put it on, do what ever you like. You're hair is so pretty, Charlie," said Stacey, not able to control herself. Stacey was very proud of the result.

"You don't mind. You don't think I'm weird," said Charlie, gesturing to his soft brassier and the box of maxi-pads on his dresser.

"No, you're beautiful. Let me help you get dressed, sweetie."

"Um, thanks," said Charlie as Stacey helped her with the bra, "how do I look?"

"Like a princess," said Stacey, "I hope you have some matching shoes and hose, too."

"I do," said Charlie as she leapt to her close to grab them, " and a matching dress!"

"Good, Charlie, get dressed, then I have something important to tell you."

Chapter 5

"I have something to tell you, Charlie, but first, let me see this pink dress you managed to buy without me knowing," said Stacey.

Charlie didn't think, and merely continued to put on his thigh highs. He reached out of the closet, grabbed his new dress, stepped into it and zipped it up on his own. It was beautiful pink, princess dress.

"Mmmmm, I love the feel of this dress," said Charlie, electrified and aware of the feminine garments surrounding his body. Charlie slipped on a pair of matching pink pumps and sat in front of the mirror to check his makeup.

"Very pretty, Charlie - you have good taste," said Stacey as she admired Charlie, who was admiring himself. Suddenly, Charlie snapped out of his womanly glory for a second.

"You don't think I'm a freak for liking this stuff? I'm taking the pills and injections, but every day, my desire to be a woman grows stronger, Stacey. I'm happy when I'm all dressed up. But still, I know I'm not a girl - I have my manhood still," he said as his hand fell to his privates. He may have had his penis still, but it was covered up with surgical tape, a maxi-pad and a pair of pretty panties.

"That's what I'm here to talk about."

"Oh?" said Charlie as he was putting on his earings. Stacey had never seen him happier, admiring himself in the mirror. He was even more beautiful than she was now. If Stacey was going to let this transformation persist, she needed to tell Charlie the truth, but she wasn't quite sure when and how to do it.

"Tell you what, Charlie, why don't we have a girl's night tonight - we can relax, watch TV and talk - girl talk. Does that sound okay?"

"Yes, it does! I can't wait," smiled Charlie. Stacey stood up and gave Charlie a hug. Their breasts bounced as they touched each other. Somehow, this sensation made Stacey acutely aware of what she had done for Charlie - there was absolutely no going back. She needed to tell him, so he could get help and complete his transformation. No amount of pills would remove his penis. She could tell by the surgical tape and maxipad wrappers in his trash bin that he wasn't too fond of it himself.

That night, Charlie got ready for the girl's night. As he glanced at himself in the mirror, he saw how small his penis had become. He didn't like to see it there anymore, but he knew that was not a natural thought. He cupped his breasts, and then ran his hands over his hips, making himself aware of his womanhood, regardless of the skin between the legs. Charlie seemed proud to be what he was. He decided to wear the pajamas that Stacey had purchased for him a few months back. He prepared by performing what had become routine, tucking, taping and maxi-padding his penis. He placed the pajama bottoms on and smoothed his hand over his crotch. Next, he placed his top on and noticed how his breasts were sliding out from the bottom. Never in a million years did he think he'd have breasts, but he was proud of them nonetheless.

Stacey was already in the living room when Charlie walked in. She laughed a little inside when she saw him bouncing in. This was the happiest she'd seem him in a long time. Stacey didn't think she ever saw him this happy when he was a boy.

"Okay, Charlie, before we can officially start this girl's night, we need to have a serious discussion."

"No problem," said Charlie, as he flopped down on the couch, and crossed his freshly shaven legs.

"I think it's obvious you're turning into a girl, Charlie. And I know you think it is a sickness."

"It's not?"

"Well, how do you fell being a girl, Charlie?"

"I'm scared, Stacey, but it feels right. I look in the mirror, and I look perfect. The only time I ever don't feel good is when I look at my penis. Whenever I see that, I know something is wrong."

"How would you feel if you could be rid of it? Would you like to have a vagina like me?"

Charlie never though about that before. He only thought he was ill, and that concept never entered into his mind. He knew something didn't fit right, and when Stacey asked that question, things started to fall into place.

"I guess it would solve my problem with the surgical tape," sighed Charlie, "but I thought you wanted to help cure me - maybe I'm not supposed to be a woman."

"Well, how do you feel - do you feel happy? Think back to before you were becoming 'sick', how did you feel then? What feels better?"

Charlie thought about it, and he knew he was never this happy.

"I like being a girl - I think I am a girl, Stacey," said Charlie, with a little tear in his eye. At the same time he touched the symbols of womanhood on his chest and then reached down to his privates again.

"What if I told you that the pills and injections I gave you were curing you, but the cure was to become a woman?"

Charlie was silent for a minute - he needed to process this. The pills and injections had done a number on his mind, just as Trevor had promised, and his thoughts were definitely skewed towards womanhood. When Stacey said the cure was womanhood, it made sense to Charlie.

"You're...helping me then?" questioned Charlie, as tears began to fall. Somewhere deep in his mind, a part of him knew this was not right, but the chemicals introduced into his body said otherwise. The only logical next step to him was only womanhood. A little part of the old male Charlie died at that moment.

"Yes, I'm helping you. Can't you see? You were born to be a girl!"

"Yes, I think I was," said Charlie, dreamy-like.

"I'm so glad you understand, Charlie."

"Thank-you, Stacey - but I'm not completely happy," cried Charlie. Stacey began to worry.

"What is it?"

"I want to be like you, Stacey. I want to have a vagina. I don't want a penis! I want to be a real girl," cried Charlie, covering his face with his hands.

"Don't worry, Charlie, we'll make you a girl - we'll figure it out," said Stacey as she hugged Charlie. They were sisters now.

Another two months passed, and Charlie was coming along nicely. Charlie and Stacey were sitting next to each other one day, as Stacey casually made an announcement that pleased Charlie.

"Guess what, Charlie - I finally got a hold of my doctor friend, Trevor and he has you marked down for an appointment next week. It's about making you into a real girl. He told me it won't be cheap or easy, but he is going to lay out our options. How does that sound?"

"Sounds, perfect, Stacey - you're the best friend I could ever have."

"Wan't to go for a celebratory swim?" Stacey said out of nowhere.

"Sure," said Charlie, "I don't think we've used the pool in a while - and it is a perfect day."

Stacey and Charlie went to change into their swimsuits. They wore matching, one piece swimsuits. Charlie, of course, needed to make sure he had his manhood (what was left of it) tucked safetly away - as the other residents in their building who were using the pool wouldn't suspect. Charlie was an image of beauty in his swimsuit.

Luckily for Stacey and Charlie, they had the pool all to themselves. They swam and the sun-bathed. Everything in the world was fine and perfect for Charlie at that very moment. It felt natural to be a woman, spending time with his best friend. Charlie thought it silly that he could ever have romantic feelings for her. How could he? He was a girl after all.

As Charlie and Stacey toweled off and headed back up to their apartment, something horrible happened. As they walked by the lobby, Charlie saw his mother waiting there, using to buzzer. Charlie's mother caught Charlie's eyes and she immediately knew who it was.

"Charlie?" screamed his mother from the lobby. She fainted instantly. Stacey and Charlie immediately ran to her and carried her up to their apartment. As they placed her on the couch, she began to come to.

"Charlie - Charlie, why are you wearing that? Why are you dressed like a girl?" she murmured as she regained her composure. She reached for his bosom, touched his hair and noticed his bottom.

"It's me, Charlie, Mom."

"No, no, it isn't. This is a bad dream. My son is not dressed like a woman, wearing a bathing suit."

"I AM a woman, mom," said Charlie with a smile, hoping his mother would understand.

"Are those breasts? Are those real?"

Charlie grabbed his chest.


"No, you're no faggot. I raised you to be my son. Your father would be rolling in his grave. I'm taking you home immediately - go change into some real clothes - boy's clothes and pack your things. I'm taking you home, you little sissy. I'm going to make you into a man." Charlie's eyes welled up with tears and he ran into his room. Stacey stood there in silence.

"You did this to him didn't you? I knew living with a girl would mess him up," said Charlie's mother

"No, he's meant to be a woman. Look at him. Did you see how pretty he was? How perfect his body looked in that swimsuit?"

"No, I only saw my son, dressed like some queer. Go into his room, and bring him out dressed as a boy. I'm taking him home now, you bitch. You did this!"

Stacey rushed off to Charlie's room and found him sobbing on the edge of his bed, with his boy jeans pulled up to his hips.

"I can't make them fit, Stacey. My Jeans won't fit. My mom is going to kill me for being a girl. Help me get dressed, Stacey!"

"Stacey, you're a woman! You can't let your mother boss you around like this. You need to make a stand, otherwise you won't be happy," said Stacey as she held Charlie.

"She's all I have, Stacey. Ever since my father died when I was a baby, it's been me and her. I can't do this to her."

"She has to accept you, Charlie. You're a beautiful girl - look in the mirror - you're prettier than me!"

Charlie sniffed and sobbed and glanced in the mirror. He ran his hands down his body and seemed to have an epiphany.

"You're right. That old bitch needs to understand - I am a girl - I'll show her. Help me pick the girlies thing for my wardrobe. I'm going to show her what's what!"

"I think I know the perfect thing," said Stacey as she reached into Charlie's bountiful lingerie drawer.

Five minutes later, Charlie walked into the living room wearing the most feminine, girly, delicate set of lingerie he owned. His mother was flabbergasted.

"Charlie! Take that off this instant, you faggot!"

"No! I'm a girl now. And I like being pretty. I like wearing maxipads. I sit down when I pee. I have big boobs now," Charlie shouted as he grabbed his breasts.

"No! You're my boy! Be a boy!" yelled his mother. Charlie just ignored it. Charlie sat on the chair across from her, making sure to cross his legs in the most feminine manor possible. He sat with perfect posture and pushed his breasts out. He then opened the purse he was carrying and began to do his makeup.

"I like wearing makeup, mother. All those years watching you do it was like practice!"


"Don't you like the way a nice set of lingerie feels? It's so smooth and soft, yet it provides support. We're both girls now, mom, we can talk about it," Charlie said as he was applying lipstick.

"Charlie, what would your father think?"

"I have so many dresses mother. Lots of skirts and matching tops as well. I have a set of lingerie for almost every day of the week. The set I'm wearing now is one of my favorites!" said Charlie as he smoothed his hands over his stockings.

"Charlie, Stacey didn't cut off your penis, did she?"

"No mother, I still have it, but I tape it back and put a maxi pad there to make it look smooth like a vagina. I want to have a real vagina one day!" smiled Charlie sadistically, "Maybe I can have a man put his penis into me!"

"That is it, young man. I disown you. Be a little queer - see if I care. Don't come crying to me when you come to your senses though!"

"I wont!" said Charlie as he got up and minced towards to door to open it. Charlie's mother grabbed her purse and left without another word. As she looked back, she got a good look at Charlie, standing at the door with his full set of lingerie. She wondered what she had done wrong.

"Good work, Charlie," said Stacey.

'Thanks, Stace - I owe it all to you!" cried Charlie as he hugged Stacey, "I've never said such things to my mother before. It felt so good. Almost as good as this lingerie."

"You're so brave, Charlie. C'mon, let's clean the tears from your face."

Chapter 6

A week had passed since that incident and Charlie was laying in bed, just waking up, enjoying being a woman. Charlie woke up wearing is favorite baby doll. As he sat up in bed and stretched out his arms, he could feel his sensitive nipples pressing against the soft fabric of his adorable little teddy. It left very little to the imagination, and Charlie loved it - the more feminine the garment, the more he adored it. Charlie stood up, walked to his full length mirror and admired himself. Even though he had just woken up, he appeared as the princess he was.

Stacey knocked and walked into his room.

"Hey, Charlie - just waking up?"

"Yes, ma'am! I need to get my haircut and get ready for our meeting with the doctor!"

"Right, you better get going, the appointment is at noon!"

"Right, I have my hair appointment in an hour. I think I'm going to have it cut short and get some normal bangs. What do you think?"

"Like you had a few months ago? Boy does your hair grow fast!"

"I know - it must be the pills! I better get going!"

Charlie stretched once more, letting the full glory of his generous bosom stretch against the soft material. He slipped out of bed and began to dress for his day. He removed his thong and lifted his nighty over his head. As he did so, he was aware of the material catching his breasts and making them jiggle ever so lightly. Charlie admired the effect of his womanly endowment. Charlie was completely naked and decided to go to the washroom before he taped himself down for several hours. He stepped outside and accidentally bumped into Stacey on the way.

"Oops, sorry, sweetie," said Charlie as he walked to the washroom, covering his tiny penis.

"You're such a tramp, walking around naked, Charlie," joked Stacey.

Charlie walked into the washroom and took a moment to admire his form. He tucked his penis between his legs and sat down to relieve himself. When finished, he wiped his tiny penis clean and pulled the tape from the cupboard. He taped himself up and walked out of the washroom.

Today, Charlie decided to keep his look simple. He sat in front of his vanity and gave himself a simple, straight look, brushing aside his long bangs and using a barrette to keep them up. He then opened his lingerie drawer and grabbed a simple blue bra and panty set. He wiggled into the bra and pulled his panties up tightly. He smoothed his hands over the soft lingerie and savored the feeling. As always, he was very beautiful.

Before Charlie pulled on his clothes, he was sure to slip in his maxi-pad. He didn't really need it, but this ritual meant a lot to him, as it made him feel more womanly.

As Charlie was deciding on a look for the morning, he decided he wanted to go for the trashy, teen look and grabbed a pleated skirt and a tight, short girlie tank top. He pulled up the skirt over his hips, adjusted it to make it look right, checked for any panty flashing, and then grabbed the top. The top was placed on with little trouble and again, a slight disturbance of his breasts accompanied the motion. His breasts were very sensitive these days. Charlie would often bring himself to orgasm with breast-play alone. He barely touched his penis anymore. He was essentially done with it and couldn't wait for a cute little vagina.

Charlie completed dressing and checked the mirror.

"Stacey, I'm leaving for the hair salon - I'll be back in an hour!" yelled Charlie from the door of their apartment.

"Good luck with your hair, sweetie!" Answered Stacey, busy in her room dressing for the day.

Charlie arrived at the hair salon and spoke with the lady at the desk.

"Hi, I'm Charlie, I have an appointment with Rebecca."

The receptionist gave Charlie a regretful look.

"I'm so sorry, but Rebecca is out sick today! I hope you don't mind. You can cancel your appointment, but the new girl, Cindy is available and she's really great. First class! What do you say, Charlie?"

"Sure, I'm in a hurry and I need a haircut - she'll have to do," smiled Charlie as he gingerly followed the receptionist to Cindy's chair.

"Have a seat, dear, she'll be right out - and might I say, you are a lovely young woman - aren't you a little princess?" said the receptionist as she smoothed her hand over Charlie's shoulder and left for her desk.

"Hi, I'm Cindy," said the beautiful woman behind Charlie, "What can I do for you today?"

"Hi Cindy. I need some shorter bangs, and cut about four inches from the rest - I want something more simple, more young looking. My hair is too long."

"Piece of cake!" Cindy said as she went about sizing up Charlie's beautiful hair.

As Charlie was sitting, enjoying the feminine process of getting her hair cut at a woman's only salon, she noticed Cindy was looking puzzlingly at her.

"You look kinda familiar," said Cindy.

"Oh?" said Charlie, knowing that he didn't know who this girl was - and that he hadn't been a woman for very long, she must be mixing him up with someone else.

"That's it - oh my god," whispered Cindy, "You're Charlie," very careful to keep her voice down.

"Yes, I just told you my name a few minutes ago."

"No, we used to go to high-school together! I was a grade ahead of you - my you've changed so much!"

"I never knew anyone named Cindy in high school," said Charlie awkwardly.

"No, but you did know Gus," Cindy whispered.

It took a few seconds for Charlie to match the face, but there was no denying it, this beautiful young woman cutting her hair was her friend Gus from high school. Even though they were a grade apart, Gus and Charlie shared a class and spent a lot of time together for a few months - that is, until he changed schools and they lost contact.

"Gus - it is you," whispered Charlie, "How are you?"

"Tell you what, Charlie, let me finish your hair. I'm taking an early lunch - we can go for coffee and talk about it - catch up! Besides - these ladies don't know I'm a man - well," as Cindy glanced at her breasts, "that I used to be."

As Charlie and Cindy minced out of the hair salon, clicking their heels and giggling and jiggling like school girls, no one would have ever guessed they were ever men - they were both very beautiful.

"My apartment is only a block away," said Cindy, "we can get some coffee there, if you don't mind."

"Not at all."

Charlie stepped into Cindy's apartment and marveled at the feminine sanctuary - white as a cloud and pink accents. It was very clean and very girlie.

"Have a seat in the living room, I'll be in the kitchen - coffee will be ready in five minutes!"

Charlie had a seat, crossed his legs and admired the very classy apartment. He wondered how Gus cum Cindy could afford it.

"All ready!" sang Cindy.

"Thank-you," said Charlie, then, "I can't believe you are a girl too. I'm happy for you Gus - I mean Cindy - but I never would have suspected it," Charlie marveled at Cindy as she sat down next to him and crossed her bare legs, adjusting her short dress.

"Me neither!"

"Okay, you first, Cindy - tell me how you made the right choice to become a pretty girl!"

"Well, my mother is a very smart woman, and she helped me become the woman I am today. She was concerned with my grades and behaviour so she turned me into a girl - that's pretty much it - that's why I left school - to ender a program for kids like me."

"Wow, Cindy - so you didn't want to be a girl?"

"No - but my mother knows best for me. I didn't like it at first, but I got used to it - they gave me pills and I tried to fight it, but it was pointless - eventually, as I started to develop and whatnot, I just submitted - my mother is very forceful - I like being a girl now - of course, after they chopped my penis off and gave me a vagina, I kinda went crazy - got caught in with the wrong crowd and dropped out of college - I learned how to cut hair, and here I am! My mom's happy having a daughter now anyways, but she feels guilty - she likes to buy me clothes and stuff to try to make up for it - it's pretty sweet - I never let her on to how much I dig being all girlie - brushing my hair, trying on new lingerie, having sex with men - and how many guys can wear a dress like this? My mom turned me into a real sissy, with none of the perceived benefits. I don't forget to remind her how many men I sleep with and how much I love it," joked Cindy.

"Your mother is very wise - if I could, I'd turn everyone into pretty girls - it's just fantastic wearing lingerie! How did the rest of your family take it?"

"I know, lingerie - it's the best part! Umm, the rest of my family didn't like it at first - but I asserted my femdom be wearing the most revealing dresses at family gatherings to remind them - I'm a girl - so shove it!"

"So, you have a vagina now, Cindy?"

"Yes, would you like to see it?"


Cindy removed her dress and was standing in front of Charlie in her pink bra and panty set.

She dropped her panties as Charlie admired the handywork.

"It's so pretty, Cindy."

"Thanks, Charlie - I assume you still have your - thing?"

"Yeah, it's not bad though - I'm going for an appointment today to have the doctor size me up for surgery - I cant wait - I bet the lingerie will feel so much better-"

Suddenly, Cindy straddled Charlie and began kissing his - Cindy's breasts bounced against Charlie's as she did so. Charlie, never having expected it, was in shock, but his confused emotions got the better of him and he went along with it.

"Mmmmmm, Cindy - what are you - mmmm, this feels so good," said Charlie as Cindy played with his nipples - Charlie was in heaven.

"Relax, baby-doll," said Cindy as her other hand reached down to Charlie's panties. She made quick work of the tape and maxi-pad, exposing his small penis. Charlie began to experience his first erection in months.

"Ohh, Cindy," moaned Charlie.

"Mmmph, Charlie, have you ever had sex before?"

"No, Cindy - mmmm, I haven't - don't stop," moaned Charlie.

"You know, I never got to use my penis... with a girl, Charlie - my mother made sure of that - I've only ever had sex as a woman - it feels good, but I wonder if I ever missed out on anything," said Cindy as she reached for a condom and wrapped it on Charlie's penis.

"Do what you like with my penis, but pay more attention to my nipples," squealed a sexually distracted Charlie.

Cindy used her right hand to place Charlie's penis into her vagina and then concentrated on the rest of her body. They're breasts mashed together and they made love. It was quite the site, seeing to beautiful woman make love in such a manner. Charlie loved every moment of it, but the months of hormones had dulled his penis, and he only focused on the sensations in his breasts - they were electrifying - so much so, that the caused Charlie to come without noticing. Cindy continued to pleasure Charlie until they were all worn out.

"So, how did your, you know, feel?" asked Cindy.

"To be honest, I could only feel my nipples," said Charlie as she straightened herself out.

"Ah, I guess it's not a big deal then," said Cindy as she put her panties back on and found her tight dress and slid it back on.

"Thanks, by the way, Cindy, it was great."

"No, problem, but you haven't told me about yourself yet!" said Cindy as she sat back down on her couch, crossed her legs and grabbed her compact to check her makeup.

For the next half an hour Charlie gave Cindy an abbreviated version of his story.

"So, I guess inside, I've always been a woman, but I didn't realize it until recently. I couldn't be happier, Cindy," said Charlie as she stood at Cindy's door. They gave each other a close hug, rubbing their breasts together, and having a final kiss - a sweet peck on the lips. It was an adorable scene, seeing the two women hold each other - then Charlie left for home, as he needed to get ready for the doctor's appointment. He wanted to look pretty, to prove he was a woman and ready for a vagina.

Charlie wanted to look like a beautiful, mature, desirable and complete woman when he entered that doctor's office today. He selected her most simple, yet elegant set of lingerie and laid them out on his bed. He sat naked in front of the vanity and did his makeup first. She then put his lingerie on, making sure to savor the moments. He ended her lingerie ritual by putting on his stockings.

Charlie then selected a beautiful white dress with matching gloves.

Once finished, He checked in the mirror to make sure than any vestige of manliness was gone, but of course, he found nothing - Charlie was more beautiful than a real woman.

The visit to the doctor's office was nerve-racking for Charlie - but he was successful - Trevor arranged a meeting with a sexual reassignment specialist who was very impressed with Charlie's progress towards womanhood. His name was Dr. Stephens and he recommended the procedure as soon as possible. He explained that Charlie would need to come up ten thousand dollars though - this was money Charlie didn't have - and as much as Stacey loved him she couldn't justify a credit card bill charge of a sex change to her parents.

As Charlie left the doctor's office, he was happy and sad. The surgery was scheduled for two months from now, pending a down payment of five thousand dollars within the month.

"Where do I get that kind of money, Stacey? I doubt my mom will cover it!"

"I have one idea," said Stacey with a snide smile.

"Please, anything!"

"You mean it!"

"Yes, I'll do anything!"

"Well, remember the first year of college, when my parents cut my credit cards off to punish me?"

"You don't suggest -"

"You'd be perfect, Charlie - believe me!"

"But a topless waitress at a strip club? I don't know, Stacey..."

"You have perfect tits Charlie, you'll make five grand in a month, plus some- no problem! I'll do it with you! - We'll both be shooter girls!"

"I don't think I have much choice," said Charlie as Stacey drove the car back home.

Stacey was able to set up an appointment for an interview at her old strip club, Chez Foxxy, within the day.

"You're hired," said the owner, Sal, after having one look at Charlie's bosom, pushing their way against their t-shirt prison.

"That's it?" said Charlie.

"You start tomorrow night - here's your uniform," said Sal as he tossed Charlie a thong, a pair of heels and thigh highs.

"Thanks, I guess," said Charlie.

Charlie's first night was very profitable - how couldn't he make a lot of money with his assets, dressed the way he was. He just needed to make sure he stayed safely tucked way.

Charlie managed to save up ten thousand dollars in little over one month. He was a very much loved waitress. Sal begged her to take it all off, but she refused, for obvious reasons, remaining a shooter girl. Of course, Charlie adored the attention he received from all the men, and didn't mind the touching too much, as long as they kept away from his secret. The body guards were very protective of him. Though Charlie shuddered to imagine what would happen to him should he have been discovered. He quit while he was ahead.

He paid for his surgery in full - the doctor was so pleased with Charlie, that he even bumped up his sexual reassignment. Which, of course, was a complete success.

Charlie woke up in the hospital room, with Stacey and Cindy by his side.

"That's it, Charlie - you're one of use now, a full blown girl!" said Stacey.

"Yeah, Charlie, you've got a full blown case of woman!"

"I'm so happy," said Charlie, groggily, as Stacey gave him a kiss on the forehead.

Epilogue - Charli is Born

Six months had gone by; Charli' s vagina had heeled beautifully. She was content in her complete role as a woman. Though she was beautiful before, she seemed even more so now.

"C'mon Charli, we're going to be late for the beach," screamed Stacey from the living room, wearing a skimpy bikini.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," said Charli, as he emerged from her bedroom, wearing his string bikini. It was just like his dream almost a year ago. He was that bikini clad woman in his dreams. 'Was it a dream now?', she wondered as she touched herself the same way she had remembered doing in that dream so long ago. Everything felt right as Charli admired himself in the hallway mirror.

"Oops, forgot one thing," he whispered to himself as he went back into his room. He took off his bottoms, and reached for a tampon. He unwrapped it and inserted it into his new vagina. He didn't need it, but he wore them whenever Stacey had her periods in order to feel closer to her. Though he knew he wasn't a real woman in every technical sense, he felt more womanly than ever at that point. He drew up his bikini bottoms, checked himself and left for the beach. Chari had never been happier as he pranced around in his bikini that day.

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