Just Girl-Friends, Best Girl-Friends

By Pink Bra 

Charlie was absolutely in love with Stacey. They were 19 year old students at college and had been friends since they first met in freshman year. Unfortunately for Charlie, he and Stacey were only ever friends. He never had the nerve to tell her how he felt about her. How could he? He was 5'7", the same height as her, with no muscle and not many other masculine features to speak of save his genitalia. Stacey was beautiful, blond, with blue eyes and a perfect body to match a perfect face. Charlie felt lucky enough to have her as a friend and was happy just to be with her.

After first year, Charlie and Stacey moved in together. They had found a cost efficient two bedroom apartment near campus and had begun to spend a lot of time together. Stacey would often profess to Charlie that he was the best friend she had ever had. Though Charlie wished it could be more, he never dared mess things up by making any advances. He and Stacey had a good thing going and he did not want to get hurt, or ruin their friendship. Often Charlie would watch Stacey get ready to go on dates with other men and he would sit there in awe as she came out of her bedroom looking like a goddess. Often, Stacey would ask Charlie to zip her up and ask how she looked. Charlie always thought she looked beautiful.

One evening, Stacey had come home early, and in tears. She had been out with Donald, and he tried to make a few advances Stacey was not comfortable with.

"Oh, Charlie, it was awful. Donald wanted me to have...se with him in the back of his car. I said no, and he called me tease. He told me to get out of the car. I had to walk home ten blocks," said Stacey, in tears.

"He's a jerk Stacey. You did the right thing by saying no to him. Guys like him are what gives us other men a bad name," said Charlie as he motioned Stacey to come join in on the couch to watch some television. This was not the first time Charlie had "been there" after a particular awful date. Stacey was still a virgin, and while not wanting to wait until marriage, she wanted to wait for the right guy. Charlie knew this, and he figured if he waited around long enough, Stacey would see him as the right guy.

"You the best friend a girl could have, Charlie. Sometime I think you are the only real friend I have. Don't take this the wrong way, but sometimes I wish you were a girl," said Stacey jokingly as Charlie helped her wipe the tears away from her eyes with a tissue.

"You're such a kidder, Stace. Don't say things like that. You know I'm all man. I'm here to protect you," said Charlie, trying to preserve as much as his manhood as he could.

"I know Charlie, I know. I didn't mean it. It's just that we are so close, that's what I mean. Usually a man and woman can't be this close as friends without the man trying something. You're a real friend," Stacey simpered out as she began to cry a little more. Charlie hugged her for a while.

"You're really great to me too, Stacey. Don't let this Donald creep get to you. You should get to bed," and with that, Stacey left for her bedroom. A few minutes later, Stacey returned wearing the flimsy camisole she usually does and hugged Charlie again.

"I really mean it, Charlie, you're the best. Thanks for being there for me - my best friend," and Stacey returned to her bedroom for the rest of the night.

Charlie was happy and frustrated all at the same time. Why couldn't Stacey see him for more than a friend? He valued this friendship, but he wished he could have more. Embarrassingly, Charlie recalled how he would often take a pair of Stacey's panties out of her dresser and masturbated into them. He was always sure to clean and return them. Charlie went to bed and cried a little himself.

The next morning, as Charlie was cooking breakfast, Stacey watched him very carefully. She always noticed that Charlie was not the most masculine man in the world, and watching the way he moved as he cooked further reinforced that fact. She had seen the talk shows and remembered an episode about young men that wanted to become women. Charlie was so feminine in her eyes and she smiled a little as she remembered her comment last night where she said she wished he were a girl. She considered how he never made a move on her and wondered if he was gay. She also remembered how she would often find the contents of her lingerie drawer out of order. It wasn't by much, but she noticed. In her mind, things started to add up. Maybe she needed to do Charlie a favour.

The next week, as Charlie and Stacey were watching television together, Stacey started to ask Charlie some strange questions.

"Do you like the way I look in my clothes, Charlie?" asked Stacey. Charlie was a little confused by this.

"What do you mean?" asked Charlie.

"Nothing, I'm just bored," retracted Stacey. She wasn't quite sure how to talk about her ideas with Charlie.

"You're acting kind of strange tonight, Stacey, stop being a weirdo," laughed Charlie as he turned his head back to the television.

"Hey, I have a cool idea! Want to play a game? I bet I could dress you up a good looking girl," said Stacey jokingly.

"Why? What good would that do?" asked Charlie.

"Don't be so stuck up. I've put makeup on some of my boyfriends before. Its fun! Tell you what, one of them even got a kick out of wearing my panties," said Stacey. Charlie, thinking about how she said she had done this with one of her boyfriends, had suddenly agreed to do what ever Stacey wanted with him.

"Well, if you put it that way, I guess it sounds pretty harmless. Let's do it," said Charlie.

"Oh, thank-you Charlie, you're the best friend ever," exclaimed Stacey as she ran to her bedroom to get the supplies she would need.

Stacey came back with the basics. She laid out a pink corselette (a kind of bra and corset built into one), a pair of pink panties and some dark stockings. Charlie started at the items in silence. What was she going to do to him, he thought.

"Here, the first thing I need you to do is put these panties on. Make sure you tuck in your penis, Charlie," said Stacey matter-of-factly.

"Here? Right in front of you? Why all the frilly underwear?" questioned Charlie in surprise.

"Play along, we're all girls here, Charlize! Every girl loves to start with a good set of underwear," said Stacey with mock-anger.

"I guess so," stuttered Charlie as he began to undress. Truth is, he was a pushover and would do anything Stacey wanted. With one hand, he held his genitals under his torso and pulled the panties up with the other. He looked at himself in the reflection of their hallway mirror and was amazed. He knew he did not have the most masculine physique, but his crotch looked like a girls now. He did not think it would be this easy.

"Wonderful," shouted Stacey, as she motioned Charlie over. Here, sit down, I'm going to get you into this corselette. Stacey wrapped the corselet around Charlie as he held up his arms. Charlie noticed that the brassiere portion had stuffed cups already. They were quite large.

"They're D-Cups," said Stacey as she fastened him into the piece of lingerie. Charlie's waste shrinked by a few inches and his figure was most definitely feminine now. Charlie got up and looked into the mirror. He had a figure most women would die for. He though his new figure looked a lot like Stacey's. For a moment, he wondered if maybe Stacey was trying to make him into her new girlfriend, but he passed it off. She was just having fun. As Charlie was marveling at himself in the mirror, Stacey rushed into her room to get a few more items. She returned with a wig, and a makeup kit.

"Where did you get the wig from?" asked Charlie in surprise.

"Oh, it's mine from before we met. I was a bit of a chameleon in high school," said Stacey as she tried to cover up her lie. She had bought it and the corselette just for Charlie. Transforming Charlie's face was no problem for Stacey. He had very fair skin and only need a little bit of makeup.

"Okay, Charlize, what do you think?" asked Stacey as she moved out of the way of the mirror. Charlie recognized himself, but he never knew how feminine his face was. The wig and the makeup kind of scared him. Charlie was starting to wonder if Stacey really was turning him into a girl. Would she ever see him for the man who loves her? Charlie was getting a little worried - but he would do whatever Stacey wanted.

"Okay, here are the stockings and the straps. I think you can understand the basics of these on your own. I have to go find a dress for you," said Stacey as she rushed off to her room to find something. Charlie rolled the first stocking up his leg and began to attach the front strap. He had a little trouble with it, but he figured it out.

As Charlie was finishing with the stockings and straps, Stacey walked back into the room carrying a blue dress he had seen her wear before. Was he the same size as her?

"You're a natural at this, Charlize! I figured you would have needed some help on the back straps," said Stacey as she motioned for Charlie to get away from the mirror and stand up.

"Alright, step into the dress as I hold if for you, Charlize," said Stacey as she did just that. Stacey adjuster the dress around Charlie's new curves and helped him zip it up.

"My, how the tables have turned, you're zipping me up," said Charlie, trying to crack a joke in a very awkward moment in his life. Stacey stepped away from her creation, and admired her work. Charlie looked pretty convincing. It made he wonder if she was right about him after all. From that moment on, Stacey was convinced she was doing something right for Charlie.

"Okay, Charlize, take a look in the mirror and tell me what you think," said Stacey while giggling. She couldn't control herself. She was very happy for Charlie. Charlie looked into the mirror and he was hoping that he would look awful. Somehow, his manliness would shine though, but what he saw, he pretty much expected by now. He saw an attractive young woman in that mirror.

"Charlize, you can say no if you want to, but just want one picture. I swear no one else will see it. I just want a memento of our time tonight," said Stacey with puppy-dog eyes.

"No problem Stace, as long as no one ever sees it," said Charlie, as he posed for a few pictures as womanly as he could. He thought they were having a fun time - like a boyfriend and girlfriend would.

"Ok, one more picture. I want you to sit in that chair and cross your legs, k?" asked Stacey. Charlie did so and as she snapped the picture, she thought of the female hormones and testosterone inhibiters she had got from one of her old boyfriends who was in med school. It was worth the blow job she had to give him, she thought. She would stop at nothing to make Charlie happy. She would make Charlie into Charlize, or die trying.

Chapter 2

Charlie looked once more in the mirror and was pretty impressed. Stacey had managed to make him look just like a woman. He jokingly twirled his frame and took a look at his faux figure.

"You know, Stace, you did a pretty good job. What can't you do, if you can turn a boy into a girl?" asked Charlie in a very playful voice. A voice, if you weren't looking at the person speaking with it, would be hard to gender.

"Thanks, Charlie - I try my best. I do the best with what I'm given but you made it very easy," said Stacey as she admired her work.

"What do you mean? Am I not man enough," asked Charlie with a look of concern.

"Oh, no - don't get me wrong, your all man," said Stacey, lying, "you are just very co-operative. It would make a big difference - trust me - if you were stubborn about this. You are a true friend - you played along with my silly girl games. I really appreciate that Charlie."

"No problem, Stacey. Anything for you," Charlie sighed as his heart swooned over the beautiful woman before him.

"It's getting late, Charlize, you have to get ready for the ball! Let's try on my old cocktail dress next", Stacey interrupted as she again flew to her room and came out with a beautiful, black, scrunchy dress. She helped Charlie out of the blue dress and held open the cocktail dress as Charlie stepped into it. As a finishing touch, she undid the clip in the wig and let Charlie's "bangs" come loose.

"Ah, beautiful! You're confidence and ease really sell that dress, Charlize," exclaimed Stacey, as she fluffed out the skirt and smoothed the bust and back.

Playing along, Charlie, in his most proper voice said, "of course, I will be the most sought after girl at the party."

"You're a gas, Charlize! Do you mind if I take one more picture," asked Stacey as she snapped a shot. Stacey had promised Charlie that these would not get out in the public, previously. Charlie trusted Stacey to the ends of the earth. She would never do anything to harm him. He was right; Stacey only wanted the best for her most treasured friend.

"Okay, Charlize, it's time for bed. No good 'girls' night is complete without the slumber party. C'mon let's get you out of that dress and into a proper nightie," squeeled Stacey. Charlie would have resisted the urge to decline the idea of wearing a nightie, but he had already gone this far and a slumber party meant he and Stacey would spend the night in he queen size bed. Stacey figured a slumber party was harmless, because to her, Charlie was merely one of the girls.

Stacey helped Charlie undress by first removing the wig. She then assisted with unzipping the dress and unhooking the corselette. As Stacey put those items away, Charlie removed his stockings by unhooking the straps first and then rolling them down his legs. Stacey observed Charlie as he was performing this intimate and delicate task and marveled at how naturally it came to Charlie. This only strengthened her resolve to get Charlie started on female hormones and the slumber party would be the perfect opportunity.

Stacey handed Charlie a lime green pair of panties, followed by a matching nightie. Charlie looked at the items with a little fear in his eyes, but anything was worth spending a night in the same bed as Stacey. With bravery, Charlie went to the washroom and slipped off Stacey's pink panties, and replaced them with the green ones. He then looked in the mirror and wondered what he was getting himself into. He worried that Stacey would think he was gay, but he eventually reasoned that she knew he was all-man. With that, he smoothed the nightie, adjusted his panties and walked out of the washroom.

"Cute, very cute," said Stacey as she approached Charlie, "but you are missing one little detail." She motioned Charlie to sit down on the edge of the bathtub and she set out to work on what little hair Charlie had on his head. With in minutes, she combed out his short bangs and added two pigtails. She couldn't hold in her laughter at the sight and let out a few giggles. Charlie wondered what was going on and took a look into the mirror.

"Stacey, what have you done to me," asked Charlie as he began to touch his hair. Stacey could tell Charlie was a little angry, but she reassured him it could all be brushed out.

"Don't worry, Charlize, I didn't cut anything. I did it all with my magic fingers," said Stacey as she continued to giggle. Charlie eventually got in on the joke. It was pigtails, it was meant to be funny and Charlie saw it as such.

"C'mon, Charlize, it's time we got into bed. I'll go grab the tea and you go put on some music. We'll have a girl-talk," said Stacey as she went to the kitchen and prepared the tea. Unfortunately, Stacey's tea held a sinister surprise. As well as dissolving the pills she was given by her doctor-friend into Charlie's tea, she had also put a sleeping pill in there, to make sure Charlie was dead-asleep for the for the testosterone blocking injection - she did not want Charlie waking up with a scream.

Stacey walked into her bedroom with the tea in her hands just as Charlie was pressing the play button on her CD player. Stacey handed Charlie his tea and watched as he began to drink it. As Stacey watched Charlie drink, she thought how pretty he looked and how much of a crime it was to be stuck as a boy. Stacey reasoned that this was the best for him. As the night went on, Charlie eventually finished his tea and thus, began his journey to womanhood. Stacey began to cry a little as Charlie fell asleep next to her. She knew this was right, but there was a little doubt as to whether she had the right to make this choice for Charlie. She then considered Charlie's timid nature and figured he lacked the bravery and he would thank her later for helping him on his way. Once Stacey was sure Charlie was asleep, she prepared the needle and injected the testosterone inhibiting drug into Charlie's buttocks. Stacey again felt a surge of guilt, but she calmed herself with the reasoning that she was being a good friend and doing the best for her future best girl-friend. Charlie looked like a little princess as he lay there, ignorant to what just happened to him. Stacey tucked her in and slept closely next to her. She fell asleep moments later, calm with the knowledge of her good deed.

The next few weeks went on without much change. Stacey and Charlie had been spending much time together, more than usual actually. Though Stacey had not dressed Charlie up in the last little while, she had been diligent in making sure Charley had his hormones. While keeping a close on eye on him, Stacey was sure to notice if there was any noticeable change in Charlie's bust or hips. Charlie already had very little facial hair and his skin was already beautiful - Stacey thought his skin was nicer than hers. As they spent more and more time together, they naturally became even closer than they already were. Stacey saw it as a sister-like relationship (though she never had a sister) and Charlie was merely happy to spend all this time with the girl of his dreams, though he was too timid to act on his impulses. For the moment, Stacey and Charlie seemed to be each getting what they wanted.

One lazy Sunday afternoon, the two best friends decided to have a little fun with some of the booze they had in the apartment. They began with drinking games and eventually, once the booze ran out, they relaxed on their large sofa and watched a movie.

As they both sobered up watching old movies on DVD, a question came up about who had directed a particular movie.

"This is my favorite movie, John Jacobs is the best director," said Charlie.

"I'm pretty sure Evan Daniels directed this one."

"No way! I know my movies, Stace and this is a Jacobs for sure."

"I'll bet you it isn't."

"What do you want to bet?"

"Well, whoever is wrong has to be the other person's slave for the rest of the day - that sound good?"

"Deal," said Charlie enthusiastically as he rushed to grab his laptop to confirm the director. As he searched the internet, Stacey could see his face droop as he learned that the director was in fact Evan Daniels.

"What is it, Chuck?"

"Darn, you were right, Stacey. Just one request, as your slave today, please don't be too cruel," said Charlie as he mockingly bowed his head and bent down on his knees in front of Stacey.

"Don't worry, slave, I won't treat you too poorly, but it won't be a picnic either. I want to go shopping today, but I only shop with other girls, so I'm going to need Charlize," said Stacey with a mischievous smirk on her face.

"Are you sure you want Charlize, Stacey?"



"Call me master, Charlize."

"Do you really need Charlize, Master?"

"Sorry Charlie, we made a bed, and friends don't welch on bets," said Stacey as she was thinking about how exactly she should dress Charlie. Charlie eventually buckled on the matter. He didn't exactly love the idea of dressing up as a girl and going in public, he was downright frightened but again, he would do anything Stacey wanted.

"Alright, I'll do it - but bet or no bet, you still owe me," said Charlie with bravery as he could muster.

"Enough talk, my girl-slave, we must get ready for the mall," said Stacey with a playful, yet powerful, booming voice. With that, Stacey lead Charlie to her bedroom and sat her down at the vanity.

"All right, strip to your undies, Slave. I'm going to go see if I have a good wig for you to wear. I know I have something in this closet somewhere," said Stacey as her voice trailed off.

"What's wrong with the blonde one," said Charlie nervously.

"It makes you look too old - Ah-ha, found it," yelled Stacey from the depths of her closet as she pulled out a red-haired wig from a box. Truth was Stacey recently purchased this wig for the express purpose of putting it on Charlie's head. She thought it would suit him well and make him look more like a young woman than the blonde one did.

"Okay, Charlize, stand still while I fit this to your head and give it a little styling."

"Red never was my favorite color."

"It's more orange-ish, slave-girl - now be quiet - I have work to do," said Stacey as she busily adjusted the wig on Charlie's head. Within a few minutes, she had finished and instructed Charlie to look in the mirror.

"Are you kidding me? This is the girliest hair I could ever imagine. Is this necessary," said Charlie in a bit of a panic. He knew if the hair was this girlie, the clothes would be equally girlish.

"Now now, slave-girl Charlize, you promised," said Stacey as she gave a little pout from behind Charlie, which he could see reflected in the mirror. Charlie's heart melted.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I'll be more fun about this. I only have one request; can you please not give me such large boobs this time? I think I almost knocked over the lamp with those 'Ds' I had before."

"I'll think about it, slave-girl. Now sit and be good. I need to find some underwear for you," said Stacey as she returned to her cavernous closet. She emerged from her closet carrying a set of purple lingerie. Charlie wanted to object to the color and style, but he promised Stacey, and he would play along. Thankfully, he noticed the brassiere was much smaller and there did not appear to be a corset in sight.

"Here," said Stacey as she handed Charlie the panties, garter belt and stockings, "I need to find something we can stuff in this bra." Charlie handled the lingerie and noticed it was softer and more delicate than the stuff Stacey had used last time. He wondered when she had wore it last as he began to remove his own underwear. Stacey watched Charlie out of the corner of her eye as she watched him tuck his penis in and pull up the panties. She was still in wonder over how easily it came to him and how feminine he looked as he did it. Charlie next expertly rolled up the stockings, put on the garter and adjusted the straps. Stacey watched as Charlie adjuster himself in the mirror and she could almost see a certain amount of pride being taken in his appearance. Charlie swiveled his figure to make sure everything was right. Stacey returned with the small bra.

"As you can see, slave, I have a small bra for you. Slaves don't deserve boobs bigger than their master's anyways. I'm going to stuff it with these old nylons - should be enough. Now, hold up your arms." Stacey then placed the bra on Charlie and strapped him in. She stuffed the cups with the old nylons and scrunched the cups with her hands to make sure they looked even.

Charlie again seemed to admire himself in the mirror. Though he was not very comfortable, he had enough sense to know he passed pretty well as a girl, which laid to rest some of his anxieties about going out in public.

"Okay, we need to get you dressed up. No good slave-girl is complete without a nice skirt and a cool top," said Stacey matter-of-factly. Once more, she dove into her closet to grab the right clothes for Charlie. She returned with a pleated skirt and an old cut-off sweatshirt she though would look hip on Charlie.

"Here, salve, slip into this skirt - I'm sure you can figure it out."

"No problem, I guess, but that top looks kind of strange."

"It's a cool top, Charlize! You don't want to go to the mall and not fit in, do you?"

"I guess not," stuttered Charlie. That reasoning was pretty sound. If Charlie was bound to going to the mall, he wanted to make sure that he did everything he could to fit in with the girls. Charlie finished buttoning the skirt and Stacey helped him with the top, which showed off a lot of skin. Stacey then sat him down, plucked his eyebrow - which had grown a little since last time - and put on some makeup.

"Okay, my slave, I think you look marvelous. I want you to sit still and smile while a take a picture."

Charlie turned to the mirror and once again marveled at his image. He was pretty proud of the way he looked. In his mind, he joked to himself that he may not have made much of a man, darn-it if he didn't put some women to shame. Charlie playfully vamped in the mirror as Stacey dressed for the mall. Even though Stacey was nearly naked in the same room as Charley, he barely noticed as he fell in love with the mirror.

"Okay, slave, let's go. Luckily for you, it won't be a long trip to the mall. I only need to get some new underwear. Maybe you need some too," said Stacey as she handed Charlie a purse and shoved his cards into it.

"Alright," said Charlie as he psyched himself up, "let's go shopping!"

Chapter 3

Charlie was carefully observing his image in the mirror as Stacey called out to him. Charlie quickly turned around and not being exactly used to heels, he lost his footing. Before he knew it, he felt his penis come loose of his panties! Charlie quickly reached down to secure the "situation."

"Wait a minute, Stace," said Charlie in a panic, "I seem to have a situation here."

"What is it?"

"Umm, I don't want to say."

"Well, judging from where your hands are, I'd say I have a pretty good idea, Charlie. I had a feeling this might happen. Wait here, I think I know how to solve it."

Charlie carefully sat down on the couch, making sure to hold his hands over his crotch as he did so. Being dressed up as a girl, Charlie felt it would look awful if he didn't try to hide his bulge. Within a few minutes, Stacey had emerged from her room with what looked like surgical tape and some scissors.

"You're not planning to perform surgery, are you Stacey?"

"Don't be stupid, slave - we're just going to use this tape to tuck in your manhood - what if it pops out while you're in the changerooms?"

"Good idea, I guess."

Stacey instructed Charlie to remove his panties and pull up his skirt.

"Right here in front of you, Stacey?"

"Slave, please - there are only so many mall hours left - If I tape you back, I can do it right, trust me. We're all girls, here."

Stacey held now romantic or sexual inclinations for Charlie and she knew that the weeks of hormones she had been using on him had left him chemically castrated. To Stacey, this was merely an act to demonstrate to Charlie that he was becoming a woman, like her.

"Stacey, are you sure this is proper?"

Stacey said nothing as she pulled down Charlie's panties for him. Charlie stood in silence as Stacey began to cut strips of the tape. She held back his penis with one hand and began applying the strips with the other. As she did this Stacey marveled at how small Charlie's penis had become in such a short period of time. She had seen it once before in a bathroom mix-up, and it wasn't very large then, but as she looked at it now, she thought about how cute and feminine it looked.

Once Stacey was satisfied with the look of Charlie's "vagina", she pulled up his panties, and instructed him to place his skirt back down.

"There, looks as good as new," said Stacey.

"Gee, thanks, Stacey," said Charlie as he placed his skirt back down and smoothed it out. Charlie felt that things had just taken a turn for the weird. He was surprised by the fact that he had a beautiful woman playing around with his private parts, but it elicited no reaction. For a moment he began to worry, but he reasoned to himself that it was the stress of the situation that kept him from getting excited.

"Okay, grab your purse, then, slave," said Stacey as she tossed Charlie the feminine clutch.

"A purse!?"

"Of course! Don't act stupid, all girls have a purse! I threw all the stuff from your wallet in there, as well as some makeup and other essentials."

Charlie rummaged through his purse and was surprised to not only see his cards, some cash and makeup, but maxi-pads as well.

"What do I need these for?"

"Well, slave, I hate to break it to you, but girls get periods and it is good to be prepared."

"But Stacey, I'm not a real girl!"

"I know, I know! Calm down, it's all for fun. Besides, you are my slave and my slave has to do whatever I want, right?"

"Right," said Charlie in defeat - wishing he never made the bet. "well, at least I don't have to wear it," as he put the feminine napkin back in the purse.

"Hold it, slave - I hate to say it, but you gave me an idea - put it on!"


"Now, slave!'

"But I don't know how!"

"Please, let me do it then", said Stacey as she grabbed the pad and pulled down Charlie's panties, "hold your skirt up again."

Stacey then proceeded to unwrap the pad, remove the paper from the glue and apply it Charlie's panties. She pulled Charlie's panties back up and smoothed the front of his crotch.

"There, we're all set. Besides, I'm on my period too, and us girls ten to get into sync."

Charlie's head was spinning. What the heck was going on here? He looked at himself in the mirror, but now the feeling was different. His privates felt someone constrained, yet distinctly feminine. He wasn't sure what happened in the last five minutes, but he just decided to go along with it and try to salvage some fun from the day - even though he would be doing it as a girl. Charlie would simply shut off the part of his brain that objected to this sillyness and go along with his friend - because to Charlie, he wouldn't be a good friend if he didn't.

The shopping trip was going fine - Stacey managed to satisfy all of her clotheshorse needs and as they were sitting down, enjoying some fast food at the cafeteria, Stacey had a thought.

"You know, Charlie, my dear slave, we have not had a chance to get anything for you."

"It's okay, I have plenty of clothes at home and besides, I'd look kind of silly buying men's clothes dressed like this. Don't be silly, Stace," said Charlie as he crossed his legs, glancing nervously around him.

"Oh, I didn't mean that, Charlie. I mean, you need some clothes of your own."

"No way," gasped Charlie, "I'm not trying on girl's clothes in the mall. You're going to far."

"Sorry Charlie, you're mine today - you have no choice in the matter. Remember our deal."

Charlie, remembering what being a friend was all about, tried to find a way out of this, but his sense of honor prevented him from negating the deal. Besides, he was in full lingerie, a skirt, and maxipad - Charlie didn't think it could get much worse.

"Fine, I'll do it. But nothing to girlie."

"You're the best slave ever, Charlize! Don't worry about spending any money, my mom's credit card has this covered. She encourages my shopping sprees, after all."

Stacey grabbed her bags with one hand and Charlie's hand with the other. Charlie stumbled a little bit on his heels as the two friends clicked their way to a dress shop. Charlie stood awkwardly as Stacey messed around in the racks trying to find the right thing for him.

"You know, Charlie, I always felt bad for some reason, you know, making you wear my old hand me downs. I'm not trying to downplay your manhood here, it takes a real man to do what your doing, Charlie," said Stacey ironically as she was holding dresses up against Charlie's chest. As she was doing this, it occurred to her that she was never really as close to anyone else as she was to Charlie, and not having a sister, this was the closest she could get. Charlie was thinking the exact opposite. Always fearing discovery, he was a bundle of nerves, but no matter where they went, the only thing the clerks took them for were to best girl friends.

"Here, Charlie, go try this one on - I think it's just right for you," said Stacey as she flopped a pretty red dress into Charlie's hands, and pushed him to the changing room. Charlie just did as he was instructed and went along. He entered the changing room and proceeded to undress. He began with his skirt, fumbling with the buttons, and then removed his top. He sat on the bench and very carefully removed the black heels Stacey lent him - he did not want to scuff them. He unzipped the dress and stepped into it. He swung his arms through the loops and zipped it up as far as he could go. When he could no longer zip it up, he stuck his head out of the curtain and motioned over for Stacey, who was more than happy to zip him up. Charlie stepped back into the change room and placed his heels on and then stepped out as slowly as he could.

Charlie was nervous, but not because he was a boy dressed up as a girl, but because for some reason, he wanted to look good - he didn't want to disappoint.

"You look perfect, Charlie- er, Charlize," Stacey excitedly exclaimed as she went to Charlie and smoothed out his dress.

As Stacey was fussing over Charlie, the saleslady came over to inspect the potential sale.

"My, my, you are just one of the loveliest young ladies. That dress is so perfect for you, my dear."

"Thank-you," said Charlie, haltingly, worried that his voice would give him away. The saleslady didn't notice though. She just accompanied Stacey in hemming and hawing over the dress. Making sure it fit as well as it could on him.

"Oh, I think he'll take it," said Stacey as she motioned for the saleslady to ring it up.

"Are you sure, Stace," said Charlie, "the price is pretty steep on this," he added, not even thinking about the fact that he was a boy getting a dress.

"Don't worry about it. What are friends for? Or should I say, Masters."

Charlie didn't seem to mind as much anymore. He figured that this was all harmless anyways. He was getting closer to Stacey with each new purchase. Stacey bought a lot of nice things for Charlie. As well as a new dress, she also invested in new swim wear:

Stacey was surprised by this because Charlie seemed to offer little resistance to the choice she made. He just went along with it. She figured he looked flat now, but he will grow into it. Stacey also thought it wise to get some new sleep wear for her planned slumber party tonight as well. She bought Charlie something nice and comfortable:

And a little something that she knew made her feel more womanly - something a little bit naughty:

Stacey had what some would call a wave of relief come over her. As she was picking out these clothes for Charlie, Charlie only seemed to respond naturally. Any doubt she had about Charlie's femininity and true gender were washed away. Because she knew Charlie was becoming comfortable with all this, she let him pick out a new set of lingerie almost on his own. This was the result:

As Charlie was trying on the bustier, he noticed that the material felt strange against his chest - more sensitive than usual. He looked down and noticed a little swelling, but only though it was a reaction from the bra he was wearing all day. He thought nothing of it.

Charlie and Stacey eventually got out of the mall and drove home. It took them a while to get all of their bags into their apartment. Eventually, they both slumped down and kicked off their heels. Charlie removed his red wig.

"That was fun, but a girl's life is very hard. I don't know how you gals do it."

"Wait a minute, your hair has grown a little bit hasn't it?"

"Yeah, I need a cut, its getting way to long."

"Let me style it, please," begged Stacey.

Charlie, beyond the point of protest, just sat down - a gesture that meant Stacey could do what ever she wanted.

"Okay, first put on something comfortable. Remember, you are my slave today, something comfortable means something from the bags we brought back from the mall. When you're done, come into my bedroom and we'll get you all styled up."

Charlie, again without any protest, just went to his room with his bags and began to remove the comfy pajamas Stacey bought for him. He was getting kind of tired of all of this girl stuff but the day was almost over. He removed his skirt, shirt and lingerie and then took the tags off his new pajama set. He put on the boy short panties and the comfy top. Before going to Stacey's bedroom, he needed to make a quick pit stop. He began to stand in front of the toilet, but when he grabbed for his penis, he remembered it was taped back. Charlie carefully removed the tape and went to his business. He pulled up his panties but when he got a look at himself in the mirror, the bulge didn't look right. He didn't think he'd need tape, so he just carefully tucked him self back in. As he was doing that, his eye caught the box of maxi pads on one of the shelves. He marveled at them and was glad he only had to wear one as a joke. He smiled, smoothed his crotch out with his hands and walked into Stacey's bedroom.

"Alright, slave-girl, have a seat," said Stacey. Within no time she had managed to do something with the tangles on Charlie's head.

"This isn't going to stay like this, is it?"

"It's just hairspray and gel, it'll wash out, silly," said Stacey.

"If you say so."

"C'mon, lets go watch some TV for a while, then we'll have another sleepover, okay?"

Stacey and Charlie watched some movies on the couch that evening As it was getting later, Stacey asked Charlie to get changed for the slumber party. Without question, Charlie knew what Stacey wanted him to wear and quickly got changed into the silver teddy she purchased for him. Stacey was also wearing a silk teddy, but Charlie's penis seemed to take no significant notice. Once Charlie fell asleep, Stacey injected him with his hormones and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

The next morning, Charlie had to wake up early for school. He went to his room and, removed his teddy and panties, and found a pair of regular boys underwear. He went to the washroom and began to brush his teeth. As he did so, he noticed something he never noticed before- his chest was jiggling slightly? He stopped brushing his teeth and placed his hands on his chest. Charlie knew this was no ordinary swelling - it appeared to him as if he was growing breasts. Charlie was very frightened.

Continues in Part 2 of Just Girl-Friends, Best Girl-Friends.

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